Top 5 Routine Habits of Highly Successful People

Top 5 Daily Routine Habits of Successful People

During one of the podcasts I’ve been listening to, the speaker mentioned five routine habits wealthy people do versus poor people. She said that Entrepreneur magazine ran a survey using people that made over $150k with over a million in assets against people that made less than $30k with less than $5,000 in assets. Based […]

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Is the Nest Thermostat Worth it?

Tips for a Nest Thermostat

We recently purchased a Nest thermostat for our home, because we had Christmas money to burn and our current thermostat was SUPER out-dated– I’m not even sure that we were setting our temps correctly, it was that level of old. I know that there are other brands of eco-friendly, high-tech thermostats but this is the […]

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