Holiday Romance Movies

10 Holiday Romance Movies to Binge Watch this Season

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I’m a sucker for all of the Hallmark and Lifetime holiday romance movies when it’s Christmas time. Even though I KNOW they have a predictable, cheesy ending (The girl will ALWAYS get the guy), I still love to watch them. Sometimes I’ll save the viewing for my solo date night in or I’ll just spend a whole lazy day watching a marathon.

If you share my love of holiday romance movies, then you will love these top ten movies. Bonus: They’re all on Netflix so you don’t have to figure out how to stream these gems. Here are ten holiday romance movies to binge watch this season.

10 Holiday Romance Movies

10 Holiday Romance Movies to Binge Watch this Season:

1. Christmas Prince

This is a Netflix original and I LOVE it! I’ve seen it three times already. A reporter has to get the scoop on the prince, she lies to live in the castle, and the rest is history. I really hope Netflix makes more movies like this!

2. 12 Dates of Christmas

Have you ever wanted a redo on a date? Well, Kate gets to redo the same blind date TWELVE TIMES! I don’t know about you, but I’d start to think he wasn’t worth the effort at about date six.

3. Christmas Kiss

We’ve all known that cringe-worthy boss that is far too demanding and cruel to their staff (Think Ion’s version of Miranda Priestly, the dragon lady). Her poor assistant gets the brunt of her awful personality, but she gets the last laugh in the end. Makes you want a carriage ride in the park.

3. Christmas Kiss II

I’m still on boycott to the ending on this one. This is the sequel to #3. Instead of a cruel boss, there’s a playboy boss and a very serious assistant. Despite the ending, it’s still worth a watch.

4. Naughty and Nice

I stumbled across this one during one of my lazy Sunday marathons. There are a lot of plot holes and questions left unanswered but I still enjoyed it. It’s Haylie Duff, how could you not?

5. Christmas Belle

Ok, Haylie Duff is in A LOT of the holiday romance movies (She must have found her purpose). This is essentially a holiday romance movie of Beauty and the Beast, which is my favorite Disney movie. So of course I liked it!

6. My Santa

A single mom in a small-town is looking for a father for her son, but she doesn't have the Christmas spirit. Finding Santa's sexy son may be just the thing she needs to change her attitude. Cheesily adorable.

7. Christmas in the Smokies

This poor family just wants to save their farm in the Smoky mountains. And who wouldn't in such a beautiful place? Well, good things always happen at Christmas time.

8. Christmas Crush

Let me just say that this girl is one lucky lady. I don't know ANY guy that would wait around that long. Remember the hunk from Mean Girls? He does holiday romance movies almost as much as Haylie Duff.

9. Christmas in the City

I really enjoy watching this movie. A single mom moves to the city to work as a retail sales person during the holiday season (We all know how easy it is to get a job at that time). She has to help fight to get the mall's Christmas spirit back, and she might get a reward at the end...

10. A Holiday Engagement

Poor Hillary can't catch a break. She finally finds a man to bring home for the holidays and he breaks up with her. Everyone knows in this situation, you just bring the first Tinder date you can.

Holiday Romance Movies

If you happen to stumble upon Desperately Seeking Santa, you should also give it a watch (It's one of my favorites!). If it was on Netflix, it would have made the list. I hope your holiday is filled with as much holiday romance movie binge watching as mine. And if you want another good list of movies to watch during a girl's night in, check out my top 25 here.


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