Best Stretches for Tight Hips

The Best Stretches for Tight Hips After Work

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I’m in need of the best stretches for tight hips. I have been sitting at a desk more and more with my job, that I have started waking up in pain the next day. My hip flexors pull, my back is a wreck, and I couldn’t touch my toes if I tried.

Does anybody else feel like this?

If you work an office job or find yourself sitting down most of the day, then you too are going to need to stretch. I have made a simple stretch to flow through in order to open your hips, loosen your back, and increase your flexibility (It’s part of the best things you need when practicing yoga). Here are the best stretches for tight hips for you to try at home.

Best Hip Stretches to do After Work

The Best Stretches for Tight Hips After Work:

1. Toe Touch

Start in a standing position, airplane your arms up, then swan dive to touch your toes. You can repeat that flow a couple of times or stay touching your toes. Keep as much of a bend in the knee that you need (Sometimes mine have to bend so far I look like I’m sitting).

While touching your toes, feel free to bob up and down or sway side to side. Anything to help loosen your back muscles. Then airplane your arms back to standing.

2. Side Opener

With your arms above your head, clasp your hands together. Lean to the right side being sure to use your core. Hold the stretch then switch sides. If you want a deeper stretch, you can release your arm (Right arm if your on your right side and vice versa), hook it behind your back, then twist towards the ceiling. The twist is great to open your back and hips!

3. Neck Roll

Return to standing position with your arms at your side. Touch your chin to your chest and roll your head from shoulder to shoulder. Pause where you feel a lot of tightness and move slowly between shoulders to get the most out of this stretch.

Having a tight neck can pull all the way down your spine, which is why this is one of the best stretches to help relieve your tight hips.

4. Quad Stretch

While in your standing position, grab your right foot behind you (Use a wall or place a hand on your hip to help with balance). Keep your knee tucked in and don’t pull past what feels comfortable. If you want a deeper stretch, flex your quad.

5. Hamstring stretch

After you release your foot from the quad stretch, kick your foot in front of you with your toes pointed up. Reach towards your toes, until you feel a slight pull. This will help to loosen your hamstrings.

6. Seated Figure Four

Find a seated position position with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Cross your right foot over your left knee with your foot flexed to protect your knee. Move your left foot farther from you to make it easier, and closer for a deeper stretch. Whatever feels comfortable to you. If your flexibility allows, push your right knee away from you. Return foot back to the floor, then switch sides.

7. Seated Twist

While still sitting on the floor, stretch your legs out in front of you while keeping a straight back. Turn to the right side and touch the foor. Be sure to make sure your butt stays on the floor. If one of your hips starts to come up, don’t twist as far. Then switch sides.

8. Butterfly

Bring your feet to touch in front of you with your knees bent. Grab your ankles to pull your feet in closer, but don’t lift up on your toes. If you can press your knees down it will give you a better stretch, but don’t force your body past what is comfortable.

9. Upward Dog

Roll onto your stomach and press your chest up off the floor. Your arms can be fully straightened or you can rest on your elbows coming up only half way. Where ever you will feel the most stretch for you.

10. Child’s Pose

From your Upward Dog, push yourself back to sit on your heels. Feel free to widen your knees for a deeper hip opening. If you look up while in this pose, you can get a better stretch in your shoulders. Feel free to rest in this position or to flow through all the stretches again.

Best Hips Stretches to do After Work

This is a great flow to do daily when you have a desk job. Sitting all day tightens our hips, and creates a stiffness in our backs, which can only be alleviated through these best stretches. And if you want to go deeper in your flexibility, check out my article to start your yoga practice.

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