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15 Romance Tips You Need When You Cohabitate

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February is the month of love and romance is in the air. Or chocolate and wine are in the air because consumerism. We’ve been in a relationship for awhile so I’m always thinking of new ways to keep the spark alive between us.

15 Romance Tips when you Cohabitate

For Valentine’s Day this year, everyone keeps asking what we’re doing–which is cooking dinner together and playing a board game. But this isn’t any different from normal week nights. People tell me we’re adorable when I tell them my romance tips to keeping things interesting. These romance tips don’t have to be a secret though! Use these 15 romance tips to keep the spark alive well after moving in together.

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15 Romance Tips You Need When You Cohabitate:

1. Leave Cute Notes

I’m a sucker for a hand written note. Especially if it comes from my boyfriend telling me how much he loves me. And I’d like to think I’m not alone.

You don’t always have to be the receiver to enjoy them either. Writing a cute note and hiding it for your significant other to find later is a little thrill of flirtation that you need sometimes. So find a scrap piece of paper and write your heart out!

2. Be Flirtatious

So much of our time in the beginning of a relationship is spent flirting and trying to get the other person to like us. But it doesn’t stop just because you live together! The home isn’t the finish line people. It’s just the starting line.

So keep up the flirtation well after you’ve changed your address on your license. Check them out when they’re not looking or grab their butt when you’re brushing your teeth. Flirting in the morning is a great way to start the day and will normally lead to a good night later!

3. Send a Cute Text or Snap

Part of the flirting that you could do is send a cute text or snap during the day. It’s a way to communicate while you’re away and to remind them that you love them. Even a simple “I can’t wait to eat that dinner we have planned” or “I’m excited to fold laundry later with you” can be cute with enough emojis.

4. Schedule a Date Night

We try to schedule at least 2 date nights a week between when we work late and hang out with our friends. I know this will isn’t possible for everyone especially those with kids, but while we have the time, we are taking full advantage of it. Date night doesn’t have to mean going out either. It could be as simple as a Netflix and chill night.

5. Watch a Show Together

Speaking of Netflix and Chill, another great romance tip is watching a show together. Our latest shows have been Ozark, Vikings, and Animal Kingdom, but we watch an eclectic mix and can’t wait for Stranger Things to come back!

Watching a show is a great way to keep the conversation going off the couch. And it gives you something to look forward to together. Bonus excuse to cuddle doesn’t hurt either! 🙂

6. Choose to be intimate

When you first start dating, you don’t think that the intimacy will ever slow. Then you live together, and you realize that you really aren’t intimate every day like you’d thought you’d be.

But this is NOT an excuse to slack off in the bedroom. Make a conscious effort to be intimate weekly. Even put it on the calendar if you have to!

7. Compliment each other

A compliment is a great way to feel awesome about yourself throughout the day. And it’s even better when it comes from your S.O. Make it a point to say something you like to them every day.

8. Create a Gratitude list

I love creating a gratitude list (It’s part of my article on getting exactly what you want). My gratitude list is really helpful when I’m feeling negative about my boyfriend. I’ll read through my pages or write new entries to remind myself the reasons I love him, which allow me to focus on the good rather than dwell on the negative.

It’s best to have a notebook to write down your entries. I like this gratitude journal and it’s super cute as well as functional –

I keep mine private, but you can always share your entries together. Try writing in your notebook daily, but for sure, at least once per week.

If you like a printable or digital gratitude journal rather than a hardcover book, then take a look at my Happiness Journal.

9. Spend time apart

I know romance tips are mostly about the time you spend together, but you can’t realistically be together all the time. Or anyways I can’t. We’d go crazy with smothering.

Instead, make time to see your friends, schedule me nights (you know I love solo dates), even if you’re both home but in separate rooms. This way you have things to add to the conversation and time away to miss each other.

10. Share a hobby

A key to a lasting relationship is common interest. Most of the time we find these out in the beginning stages of dating, but we want to continue them long after we’ve been together.

Make it a point to do the things you love together. Like biking, going to a trivia night, or brewing beer. Whatever things that you both love to do, do them together.

11. Take Care of Yourself

I know it can be very tempting in a relationship to settle. You slack off on your meal prepping, your exercise routine, and even your beauty routine. But if you don’t show yourself some love, how can you expect other people to? This includes your S.O.

So keep up on your healthy eating habits, make it to the gym, and shave your legs. Maybe even going to the gym can be something the two of you do together!

12. Get Dressed Up

My favorite time of the day, is the moment after work when I take off my bra and throw on sweats. When I do this though, my boyfriend doesn’t get to see me as cute as I chose to be all day for others–but really, the whole point of me getting cute is for my boyfriend.

You can make this a part of date night, or even just a quiet day around the house. You both will appreciate it!

13. Share Household duties

In our house, we try to do the chores as a team. One person cooks, the other person cleans. One person dry mops the dog hair, the other person wet mops the wood. This is a team effort.

If I had to pick one romance tip for a long-lasting relationship, it would be to not keep score. Never ask who took the trash out last, just work together to see that it’s done. This way both parties feel equal and valued.

14. Go on an Adventure

Spontaneity and excitement are two things that keep the spark alive in relationships. This could mean a surprise picnic under the stars or a weekend getaway to a neighboring city. Whatever kind of adventure the two of you want to go on.

15. Don’t Forget the Importance of Touching

Last but not least, be sure to show affection for one another. Kiss each other good-bye. Cuddle on the couch to Netflix. Hold hands when you go out. Sneak a handful when you’re going about your day. Humans LOVE knowing that they are loved and we feel this through touch. Make sure this is a part of your daily routine.

These are fun romance tips that will keep your relationship fresh and affectionate years after the initial dating period has ended. May you all have a long lasting, love life. And if you want some help getting in the love mood, check out these 75 love songs to do just that!

15 Romance Tips when you Cohabitate

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