10 Summer Date Ideas Before Summer Ends

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Remember all of those summer date ideas you had in May? Sadly, summer is coming to an end and you may not have gone on any of them. Fear not! Even though the summer is flying by, there are still some fun dates we can go on before school starts and the weather turns cold.

Here are 10 fun summer date ideas to try with your other half this month:

1. Drive-in Movie Theater

I know that a drive-in movie may sound like a thing from the past, but they’re still around. Normally you get to watch 2 movies when you go and they even get new movies. Tickets are reasonably priced around $8 each. But 2 movies for the price of one isn’t even the best part of this date!

Here you get to cuddle up under some blankets and munch on some popcorn. Bonus cuddles if it’s a scary movie! You can even bring in your favorite food and beverage of choice (Our go-to is pizza and beer).

2. Visit the Fair

The end of summer always means that the fair is here. For us, this is a big deal (Our fair is 2nd in the nation for best fair, I believe). But even if it’s just a small carnival or local festival, you can still have fun. Especially if you play the games and win a prize or ride the Ferris Wheel while eating cotton candy.

Heck! We always look to see what bands are playing for free before making plans to go (My boyfriend is anti-fairs but pro-music). Then we listen to live music normally at the craft beer tent.

3. Go for a Hike

If any of you have seen Iliza Schlesinger, you can giggle with me on her comment about girls liking hiking. Although, it may not be a fun thing for some of you, it is a fun thing to do as a couple! You pack some snacks or a sack lunch and go into nature to spend quality time together. It’s a fun way to get to bond and have conversation without others around.

If you stumble, hopefully they’ll be there to catch you (Then you’ll have something to laugh about later).

4. Soak Up Some Sun at the Beach

Even us in the middle of the country have a place we call a beach (Though it might technically be a river sandbar). This is a fun way to relax in the sun and beat the end of summer humidity. Also a good way to check each other out since you’ll be down to your skivvies.

5. Cool Off on the Water

If you’re looking for a way to cool yourselves from the summer heat, but your idea of fun isn’t laying on a beach, then rent some water activities! If you search on your state or city’s local parks page, you can find places to borrow a paddle board, go kayaking, or even get a group together and go on a river float.

This is an awesome way to get a workout in and have a fun afternoon (Two Birds: 1 Stone). And if you get sweaty, you’re near the water to go for a dip.

6. Listen to an Outdoor Concert

One of the best parts of summer is all of the live music! Visit your local city’s website or events page to find out if there are any near you. Not only do you get a fun vibe during the week (Sometimes even for free), but you can go dancing. And we all know what they say about dancing… 😉

7. Pack to go Camping

Going on vacation and being able to escape your home are some of the best perks of summer. But sometimes you can’t take off on a long trip. So go camping! Sit around the fire telling ghost stories, roast marshmallows and make s’mores, and snuggle for warmth. Just be sure to bring the bug spray!

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8. Cuddle Under the Stars

This is a classic date. All you need is a blanket and some open sky. Drive out of the city and find a place to park. Challenge: Try to find the constellations or make up your own!

9. Pedal on a Bike

Another typical summer activity is going for a bike ride. Jump on the trails and go bar hopping (It’s the only way I last on a bike ride). Or plan a brewery tour that is miles apart. The more you do this, the farther you’ll be able to go!

10. Shop Until You Drop

If the heat has finally gotten to you, then hit up the Air Conditioning. Go to the mall and try to find outfits for each other. This is a great time to freshen up your wardrobe for fall or back to school. And you can always split ice cream at the food court or see a movie afterwards.

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