When to Start Wearing Shapewear

I don’t think the age old question is when should you start wearing shapewear, but it’s definitely up there. When I think of shapewear, I think of looking thinner. Which is how I came to own my first pair of Spanx. After coming home from Italy 30lbs heavier, I thought the shapewear would help wiggle […]

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5 Must-Have, Good Roommate Qualities

I’ve had different roommates in my twenties, so I’ve learned the different good roommate qualities to look for. Now that apartment living is the norm after we graduate college, we need to look for quality roommates to live with (Unless you’re over roommates and want your own place, then check out my article on the […]

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3 Sack Lunch Ideas to Pack This Week

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches come to mind when you think of sack lunch ideas. But we want to be eating like adults, not children, especially if we’re bringing our lunch to work.ย We want variety and tasty options otherwise it’s tempting to cheat and go out for lunch. Here are 3 different sack lunch ideas, […]

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15 Solo Date Ideas to Try Today

I love coming up with solo date ideas to go on. Even now that I have a boyfriend, I still enjoy taking myself out every now and then. Taking yourself out is a great way to get to know yourself more and to build body confidence. At first, it may feel awkward or there may […]

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Life Hack: 6 College Success Tips

It’s important to know college success tips before attending school. It’s even MORE important to stick to those tips throughout school. College is one of the most amazing experiences of your life. You meet so many new people, have experiences you’ve never had before, and get an education that will benefit your future (It’s the […]

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5 Musts When Setting Relationship Standards


We’ve all heard that we need relationship standards when we’re dating, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. I have read Matthew Hussey’s bookย Get the Guy multiple times. He drills in setting relationship standards. I’ve always been able to set them, but sometimes I let them slide when I meet certain guys. And that’s a […]

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