7 College-Like Corporate Cultures

Big tech companies like Google and Facebook have changed corporate culture as our parents knew it. Now that we’re entering the work force, we’re looking to keep the exciting culture that college had to offer us for four years. We may have friends heading back to campus that we’re jealous of, because we’re headed off […]

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Metabolism Boosting Detox Drink

Anything that says “Metabolism Boosting” sells me. I’m always looking for some way to burn more fat and help my lose weight easier.ย When I was 23, I watched an episode of Rachel Ray with a young celebrity (It was someone like Mischa Barton). She was telling the audience about this fantastic drink that she takes […]

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10 Childlike Traits Adults Should Keep

We try to stifle our childlike traits as we age. Thinking that they will make us seem immature. When really some of those childlike traits are quite important to keep as adults. I remember sitting on the stairs with my brother making plans for when we were adults. We were going to get a sweet […]

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