10 Best Dog Toys for Your Destructible Chewer

Best Dog Toys for Destructible Chewers

Our golden retriever has turned into a murderer. He’s a 70 pound puppy that LOVES to rip apart his dog toys in search of squeakers and stuffing. So my house gets littered with remnants of all the adorable plush toys we’ve bought him Now we’ve decided to let him wander around with the surviving carcasses, […]

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The Best Way to Clean Muddy Paws

muddy paws

The weather is warmer and everything has started to melt here, which is GREAT! Except we have a dog that needs to be let out and tracks his muddy paws in the house. We have a rule right now that we go out to go potty and come right back, so the level of mud […]

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15 Romance Tips You Need When You Cohabitate

Romance Tips

February is the month of love and romance is in the air. Or chocolate and wine are in the air because consumerism. We’ve been in a relationship for awhile so I’m always thinking of new ways to keep the spark alive between us. For Valentine’s Day this year, everyone keeps asking what we’re doing–which is […]

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