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6 Ways to Motivate Yourself when You Feel Lazy AF

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I have felt like this month has taken FOREVER to get through. Not that I’m wishing my life away, but I’ve been feeling quite unmotivated to do much of anything. Including basic things, like exercise and shave my legs! Which is why I’ve started thinking, “Girl, you really need to motivate yourself and stop being a piece”.

Can I get an AMEN!

If you have been feeling seriously lazy AF lately, then fear not. I am here to motivate you and me. Here are 6 easy ways to motivate yourself so you can stop feeling lazy.

Motivate Yourself when you feel Lazy AF

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6 Ways to Motivate Yourself when You Feel Lazy AF:

1. Give yourself a lazy day.

The best way to get over laziness, is to in fact, be lazy. It’s like when you restrict yourself from eating something you really want to eat–like ice cream–so all your mind can fixate on is eating that ice cream! You start having dreams about it, and sometimes you even sneak a few spoonfuls because that doesn’t really count. 😉

But we shouldn’t restrict ourselves. We should allow ourselves the not-so-good things in small doses. Like having 1 scoop of ice cream won’t kill you, neither will 1 lazy day. It will give you the relaxation that your body wants and it will actually encourage you to do something the next day. #Science

2. Ease into motivation.

Now that you’ve had your time to chill, you need to start being productive. Start by easing into things, by picking 2 or 3 things that need to be done and actually DO THEM. Like a load of laundry or washing your hair. If you try to tackle an entire to do list in one day, and don’t complete it, you can revert back into procrastination and lazy mode because you’ll think productivity is a lost cause.

Make a list of the 2 most pressing things that you need to do or list the 2 things that will be the easiest to accomplish. When you can be slightly productive, you’ll feel more confident and can be motivated more often. It’s like a high for cleaning. You can do it!

3. Make an achievable to-do list.

Ok, now that you have a taste for productivity, it’s time to make your list. Maybe I’m just a list person (Little bit of that Type A coming out), but I LOVE to write things down and check them off. It’s a cheap thrill.

Put your list on your phone, on a sticky note, or just on a scrap piece of paper if you don’t have a to-do list notebook (But if you want a notebook, you should get this one –

Writing out what needs to be done will help you keep track, hold you accountable, and keep you from forgetting. Especially if you tend to get distracted, like myself.

4. Reward yourself.

I’m a BIG fan of rewarding myself. It’s a great motivator for me. Depending on your idea of reward, this can range. Maybe it means downtime with TV, or getting to go out with friends, or even just a little something something for you.

Whatever will make you feel good and proud of yourself, get it. This is supposed to help motivate yourself into wanting to keep up the productivity.

5. Start creating habits.

Aristotle said “We are what we repeatedly do”, so if we want to be a motivated MOFO, then we need to make a habit of it. Keep making your lists, writing out what needs to be done, and checking it off (You may actually want this notebook – – to keep your lists in one place). Make sure to encourage yourself with a little reward. Anything that will maintain the momentum to motivate yourself day after day.

After you do this for awhile (I believe they say it takes 3 weeks for a habit to stick?), then it will become second nature. You will find yourself cleaning your home or shaving your legs on a regular basis without your weekly reminder.

6. Keep a record of your progress.

Being the type A person that I am, I also like to compete with myself. I LOVE visually being able to see growth from when I started. If you have a competitive spirit, then it will be an added way to motivate yourself to doing more or being productive longer.

Tiny little tricks to keep up productivity throughout the week!

Motivate Yourself when you feel Lazy AF

There will always be times when we feel more lazy than normal but we can’t let that state of being stick around. I hope these 6 ways to motivate yourself help you stay productive throughout the weeks and year. And if you need more productivity tips, check out these articles:

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