Your Side Hustle is Getting the Shaft

Warning: Your Side Hustle is Getting the Shaft

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I’ve said for a looong time that I want to be a writer. However, if you looked at my old routine, it didn’t look like I took my side hustle dreams seriously. I wrote right before critiques, and I sent manuscripts periodically through the year. Other times, my nights were filled with Netflix or hanging out with my boyfriend.

For over a year, my writing could be viewed as a HOBBY! Not what I said I wanted, which is to make this a full-time career as a writer.

Sometimes we have to swallow the truth in order to move closer to our dreams. If you’re a dreamer with a side-hustle that you may be hoping to make full-time some day, I encourage you to look at your routine. See where you’re putting your focus and make sure it aligns with your goals.

If not, you may be giving your side hustle the shaft. Which we need to fix.

Your Side Hustle is Getting the Shaft

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Warning: Your Side Hustle is Getting the Shaft

Think about what you do with the majority of the day: where your thoughts are and what skills you’re building. For me, I am in property management, stressing over occupancy and owner approvals. This is so far removed from my goals of being a writer, I HAD to figure out a way to incorporate more of my goals into my schedule.

Here’s what I suggest you do to give your side hustle more focus when you have a day job:

1. Maximize your morning routine.

One of the biggest complaints we have is that there is not enough time in the day. But if we look at how we’re utilizing our time, sometimes we find that we aren’t maximizing what we have each day.

I don’t have to be at work until 9am, so I’ve started getting up every day at 5am. This way I have time to go to the gym, post to social media, and fill out my gratitude journal. It’s a refreshing way to start my mornings, and I’ve found I have way more energy in the day by adding simple changes. I also have more time over lunch and at night to work on my side hustle.

If you don’t have a morning routine, get one! Check out my list of morning routine essentials even if it’s dark out for ideas to add to your morning. The habits we build every day in the morning are ways to set ourselves up for success throughout the day.

2. Use your commute time.

The average commute in America is 26 minutes to work. This means that on average, we spend 52 minutes every day in the car! That’s almost a WHOLE hour that we can utilize.

I’ve started listening to podcasts and audio books during my half-hour commute to and from work. These range between personal development to writing tips. Anything that’s going to build myself and add value. It’s AMAZING how much I’ve learned in the last few weeks of adding this to my routine.

Some of my favorite podcasters right now are Terri Savelle Foy and Tony Robbins.

3. Take advantage of your lunch.

A lot of us that are salary employees skip our lunches. We get busy focusing on work and the day slips by. However, if you’re trying to build a side hustle into a full-time career eventually, then you NEED this extra hour of focus each day!

I use this time to study books from the library, edit blog posts, write new stories, and anything that will move me closer each day.

Think about what you could bring to work on at work that will be beneficial for you. Then make sure to take time for lunch, even if it’s only a half hour. Remember: where we put our focus is what we will attract in the universe.

4. Schedule at least 3 nights a week to work–and treat it like work.

It can be tempting when you get home from work to slack off. Or to say that you’re too tired to work and turn Netflix on instead. Or to choose to go out with friends because you’re scared of always saying no. But you have to.

Treat your side hustle like a job (Because that’s what you hope it will be, right?). Schedule at least 3 nights a week where you work 3-4hrs on things that will move you forward. For me, that means writing, posting, and marketing.

Think of networking events you can attend, make sure that you’re reading and staying on top of your industry, also be perfecting your skills. Do anything that’s going to move you closer to your end game.

5. Be disciplined with your tasks.

The key to moving forward is your discipline. Only you are responsible for your choices in life, so you need to make sure you’re choosing wisely.

This means making sure to wake up in the morning, and not hit the snooze button. Following through with the promises you make, even if they are only with yourself. And holding yourself accountable each day. Every day we take action is a day closer to reaching our goals.

There will be days when you will be tired and you want to slack, but you need to keep focused. Where you put your energy and your thoughts is where your life will be centered, so be mindful of your day to day. And if you want to learn more about using the law of attraction, read these 2 articles to help you live your best life:

Your Side Hustle is Getting the Shaft

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