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10 Childlike Traits Adults Should Keep

We try to stifle our childlike traits as we age. Thinking that they will make us seem immature. When really some of those childlike traits are quite important to keep as adults.
Childlike traits to keep
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We thought everything was going to be simple and couldn’t wait to leave our childhood ways behind us. It seems, we grow up trying so hard to squash anything resembling childlike behavior in an effort to be labeled as an adult faster. We can’t stand to be thought of as immature. However, there are some very important childlike traits we should cling to:

Childlike Traits to Keep


  • Rachel

    I love this post ❤️️ I miss childhood innocence, things were a lot simpler then but happier! We can definitely learn so much from children, thanks for sharing ?

  • Maz

    I’m glad I’m a childlike adult. Two thirds of my household is too. The other is HORRIBLE. Punished me for being who I am. In every way, unless it suits him then it’s “cute”. No it’s not. It’s me and I’m glad. So thank you for this article. I always felt in some way, my existence, was wrong. Mainly, from him. But thanks 😊

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