Penny Pincher’s Guide to the Best Drugstore Hair Products

Best Drugstore Hair Products

I love getting my hair done and feeling how soft and luscious the salon products feel. However, I don’t love when they tell me how much all those products cost to bring them home with me. Instead of using up all these products (I still have them to use once a week), I pick up […]

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Is the Nest Thermostat Worth it?

Tips for a Nest Thermostat

We recently purchased a Nest thermostat for our home, because we had Christmas money to burn and our current thermostat was SUPER out-dated– I’m not even sure that we were setting our temps correctly, it was that level of old. I know that there are other brands of eco-friendly, high-tech thermostats but this is the […]

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10 Best Dog Toys for Your Destructible Chewer

Best Dog Toys for Destructible Chewers

Our golden retriever has turned into a murderer. He’s a 70 pound puppy that LOVES to rip apart his dog toys in search of squeakers and stuffing. So my house gets littered with remnants of all the adorable plush toys we’ve bought him Now we’ve decided to let him wander around with the surviving carcasses, […]

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