About Brooke

Hi I’m Brooke Van Sickle!

When I was 18, I thought I knew exactly how my life would go: I’d be a famous fashion designer, living in New York City, and attending fashion week wearing all the big labels.

Then I did an internship and 86’d that idea!

About Brooke Van Sickle

Insert my quarter-life crisis which included changing to three different industries (Including property management and children’s writing) and moving to 5 new places in three years (Including a house that had a bathtub in my bedroom).

That doesn’t even include my interesting dating life (Which for the longest time included me wanting to be a cougar when I was 50). I had NO IDEA how much my life was going to change in such a short amount of time.

THAT is why I started This is Adult Life!

All of our lives go in different directions and things happen at different times than we expected them to. My friends used to joke that my life went in a new direction every six months–and for a while there, it really did!

Even if we didn’t get our “dream job” or that job wasn’t what we expected it to be. Or if we broke up with our love after seven years of dating or we’re still waiting to meet “the one”.

If it feels like everyone else is making progress while you’re still sitting in your sweats, Netflix and Chillin’ by yourself without a clue how to move forward, I want you to know that it’s OKAY! You’re not alone.

Use this site to find ways to love yourself, eat a little healthier, and work on growing yourself. Even if you only want to work on yourself in order to get back at your cheating lover for sleeping with your best friend.

Author Brooke Van Sickle

We DON’T need to wait until we’re old to love our lives!

I hope you find the articles helpful! If there’s ever anything you want to learn about, send me an email at booke.thisisadultlife@gmail.com. I love to connect with you!

Author Brooke Van SickleXOXO


PS. Check out my adorable child. Isn’t he just the cutest (Yes, I’m that parent 😉 )