Top 5 Daily Routine Habits of Successful People

Top 5 Routine Habits of Highly Successful People

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During one of the podcasts I’ve been listening to, the speaker mentioned five routine habits wealthy people do versus poor people. She said that Entrepreneur magazine ran a survey using people that made over $150k with over a million in assets against people that made less than $30k with less than $5,000 in assets. Based on their survey, Entrepreneur was able to see where the values of wealthy people lies and how it’s in direct contrast to poorer people.

Well that had me thinking about my own routine. Based off of these finding there are five things that I MUST add to my daily routine habits in order to be successful like the people in the survey. Here are those five routine habits we all should add if we want to be successful.

Routine Habits of Successful People

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Top 5 Routine Habits of Highly Successful People:

1. Wake up at least 3 hours before work.

This is something I’ve started doing. My boyfriend and I get up at 5AM to go to the gym, but I don’t have to be at work until 9AM most days. We’ve been trying this for about a month, but if you’ve read my articles before, you know I used to already wake up that early to write.

It’s been AMAZING to see how much time I have now. Especially with the workouts, I have way more energy and motivation in the morning!

I believe this reasoning of the early wakeup call stems from the old proverb:

Early to bed, Early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

There is wisdom there. Challenge yourself to get up at least 3 hours before you have to be to work for 21 days. Make sure that you have a set plan for what you will do, too, so you’re not tempted to go back to bed! I like meditation, exercise, eating breakfast, and reading or listening to inspiring messages in the morning. A double challenge would be to not touch your phone for the first hour, too. See how things change!

2. Listen to Audio books or message inspired Podcasts during your commute.

You already know from my post about maximizing the time you spend on your side hustle that I listen to podcasts and audio books during my half hour commute. I’ve been doing it for about a month and I’m already seeing huge shifts in my mindset and overall personal growth. It’s like every day is a new day that I’m learning and adding to my routine habits!

I would suggest getting a subscription to Audible. This way you can listen to full books during your commute without having to change the CDs. However, the other free option is to go to the library and check out the books. I’ve done this with my top four best motivational books even though I own a copy of each, and I recovered even more information hearing them a second time!

It’s a great use of time that you would otherwise be wasting. AND it builds your personal self, which will only help you become more successful in the long run. The more we learn and develop ourselves, the higher potential we will reach.

3. Read for at least 30 minutes a day.

You cannot count the audio book session as your reading time! This is actual reading with a tangible book or kindle (Again, they’re FREE at the library).

I know it’s important to read personal development books and things that will educate you, but Tim Ferriss suggest reading fiction for an hour a day. I agree with him! When we read a fun fictional piece or a suspense crime drama, we get to use our imagination and teach our brains to dream. It’s also a stress release from the work and education you’ve been pouring into your brain all day.

I challenge you to get 1 new book this week. Even a young adult book is ok, because the stories are fantastic (I should know since I write them 😉 ). Don’t think that you don’t like to read or all that books are boring. There’s something for everyone.

4. Exercise at least 4 days a week.

I used to think that this was a challenge or I’d struggle to find the motivation to make it to the gym. However, it’s all in my head. What I choose to say about exercise is the belief that will make decisions for me. So I’ve started to believe that I LOVE working out–which I do love what I look like from working out, so the truth is getting there.

If you’re already doing number 1, you can use this time to go to the gym. I’ve found it’s the best way to knock out the gym without the excuse of being tired after work or too busy during the day to make it. But no matter what time you choose to go, make sure to schedule the time and to hold yourself accountable. Keep in mind that when you don’t go, the only person you’re hurting is you. And the things we choose to do daily, become our routine habits!

5. Don’t waste time with mindless TV.

Technically the survey said don’t watch reality TV, but I think that all mind numbing shows should be included. I’m guilty of turning on a sitcom and working with that as noise in the background, or turning on a movie with the sole purpose of napping to it. However, I’ve started to be more mindful of how I choose to spend my time and what I put in my mind.

This includes my weekly Netflix and Hulu binge.

Mindless TV doesn’t mean that you can only watch documentaries. It just means anything that’s not adding value to your life. For instance, listening to the negative lives of reality TV and all its drama. Or sitting through all 13 episodes of The Staircase when you could’ve just Googled what happened.

I think the key here is to limit the amount of TV you watch to about an hour a day. And to pay attention to how you feel when you watch something. If it makes you depressed, anxious, defensive or angry for no reason, it may be bad for you and you should stop watching all together.

Remember good habits create opportunities. If some of the items on the list feel too hard for you, or not something you want to add to your routine, that’s fine. But know that you may be choosing to settle for less than your fullest potential.

Go back to the lives we chose in what makes us happy, make sure that your daily routine habits reflect those choices. The secret to your future is in your routine. All of our choices are shaping our success!

Routine Habits of Successful People

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