Why Gratitude is Important to Change your life

Why Gratitude is Important to Change Your Life

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I have been researching the law of attraction a TON over the past year to learn how to attract what I want in life. Through all my readings, there has been one thing that has always come up: gratitude. Practicing gratitude is important to bring the things we want in life.

Whenever I think about gratitude, I’m reminded of a quote by Oprah:

“Focus on what you have and you’ll end up having more. When you focus on what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough.”

What’s good enough for Oprah is good enough for me! So I’ve started researching more into how being grateful changes your life and shapes your thoughts. If you’re ready to dive straight in, take a look at my Happiness Journal, with a variety of prompts to get you started.

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Why Gratitude is Important to Change Your Life:

Gratitude Redirects Your Thoughts.

Have you ever been late to work when someone cuts you off only to go the speed limit? In that situation, it can be tempting to grumble and complain about the person in the other car. However, if you’re practicing gratitude, it can change your viewpoint.

Instead of the driver being another reason you’re late, you can be thankful that the driver is keeping you from getting a speeding ticket.

Gratitude is important to help you see things from a new perspective. Whenever you start to complain about something or blame someone for something, try saying thank you. At first it will sound silly, but after some practice, it will come more naturally.

Gratitude Makes You Find the Good.

Remember when we were growing up, our parents used to say be careful who your friends are because you’ll end up like them?

When you’re spending time complaining or blaming others, you’re only focusing on negative aspects. And if you’re always focusing on the negative, you’re only going to find more negative things to look at. In fact, the universe will even bring MORE negative things to you since that’s what you’re choosing to focus on.

Nobody wants more negative things in their life! So gratitude is important to find the positive in life. And when you’re purposefully focusing on things you’re thankful for, you start to see all the good things that are happening in your life.

Gratitude Becomes Your Magnet in the Universe.

Like attracts like. Whatever you choose to focus your thoughts on through the day, will be what you’re attracted to. Gratitude is important to make sure you’re focusing on the right things.

I like to write down things I’m thankful for at night in a journal. This redirects my thoughts and helps me sleep better. I’ve also started to wake up in the morning saying thank you for things like “thank you I woke up today”, “thank you I’m excited to go to the gym”, “thank you for opening doors today”, etc. Anything that I’m expecting to happen and things I want to attract in my life, I say thank you for in the morning.

Try keeping your own gratitude journal and saying thank you throughout the day. If you aren’t sure where to start, and want happiness and gratitude prompts to get your thoughts moving, then take a look at my Happiness Journal.

Challenge yourself to be grateful for 21 days and use the Happiness Journal to keep track of your thoughts. When we do something repeatedly, it becomes a habit. Creating a habit of gratitude is important to build our best lives!

Gratitude is just one part of the law of attraction, but it’s a major part. Read how to get exactly what you want in life for other tips on how to use the law of attraction to build the life you want. Or check out one of these 4 books to teach you more about the law of attraction.

Why Gratitude is Important to Change Your Life

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