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2021 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Coworker or Boss

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During the holidays, sometimes you want to give back to your boss if you’ve been given a lot of fantastic opportunities from him or her. You might also have a coworker who has given you lots of support, and want to thank them with a lovely Christmas gift. 

Either way, sometimes giving a bit back is a good thing that can benefit you and fulfill that holiday spirit in you. There are plenty of good gifts that you can give your boss or coworkers for Christmas. 

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Gifts for the executive boss or coworker

First off, especially for executives, a good quality pen does not go unnoticed. While it might not sound like much, something that is elegant and practical like this pen from Parker https://amzn.to/3n19wmr can go a surprisingly long way. 

Fine pens can set your boss or coworker apart from someone who goes for a simple Bic pen and distinguish them as someone who enjoys some of the finer things in life. 

Gifts for the traveller

If your boss or coworker’s job requires them to do a lot of travelling, then chances are they might be worried about losing their luggage at the airport or around a city. 

There are luggage trackers available that will attach to your luggage, connect to an app, and show you where it is. The Tile is my favourite tracker https://amzn.to/2RYESf9 and can be used for many different types of items, but is great for luggage.  If luggage goes missing, whether it was snatched up at the airport or left behind in a cab, this little device can be an absolute lifesaver.

Gifts for the messy boss or coworker

Anyone’s desk can get a bit cluttered if they have a lot of supplies and papers around it, which can lead to stress and a lack of productivity. A good quality desk organizer like this one https://amzn.to/346Aosy can help keep everything where it’s supposed to be, and can make your boss or colleague’s life a whole lot easier. 

Personalized gift for office friends and coworkers

If you want to give something a bit more conventional and personalized, a gift basket could be the way to go. This will allow you to give some smaller items, such as gift cards, along with things like food and drinks in such a way that it all looks rather elegant and fancy. 

You can get premade gift baskets or create your own stocked up with things that you know they like.  The coffee and chocolate gift box from BeanBox https://amzn.to/3314WMN is one gift you know will get used!

Gifts for the coffee lover

And if your boss or coworker likes their fair share of coffee and you want to splurge on them or buy a joint gift with your colleagues, perhaps a fancy coffeemaker for their office or at home could make for a good gift.  This Nespresso machine comes with a milk frother for the real barista taste: 

A plain coffee maker also works just fine, but the one above can create things like lattes right in their office and can be a huge money saver as well. If you are more concerned for the environment and don’t want a pod machine, get one that works with ground coffee instead like this one:

Pair it with some good quality coffee like the gift box above and you’ve got yourself a fine Christmas gift.

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