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Ultimate Girly Gift Guide

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It might be basic, but I LOVE all things gold, marble, and pink. I would like to think I’m not alone in this thinking. If you’re buying for a girly girl in your life, or you’re buying for yourself (you know I love spoiling myself! *Cough* Solo Date *Cough*), then you will love these little favorites of mine.

Gift guide for girly girl showing make-up brushes and bath bombs

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Gifts to use on a girly dressing table

This gorgeous Pink Lotus Q-tip Holder is exactly what you need for your dressing table or bathroom vanity. It’s a stylish and pretty way to store your Q-tips.

Gifts for your summer girl

It might be coming into winter soon, but that’s no reason not to be ready for a day when the sun is out. These Michael Kors Rose Gold Sunglasses are stylish and just perfect for the girly girl in your life.

Gifts for your music-loving girl

If you are buying a gift for a girly girl who likes her music, then look no further than the Beats by Dre Solo3 Wireless Headphones. These look fantastic and have excellent sound quality too.

Gifts for the coffee drinker

For your girly girl who likes a morning coffee (or tea), this Pink Coffee Mug with Gold Leaves Spoon is a perfect gift. It will look superb on any kitchen counter or office desk. Why drink coffee from an old mug from Target when you can sip your morning beverage in style?

Gifts for pimping your bathroom

Almost every girly girl loves to take baths. To get a full sense of luxury, you want to make sure the bathroom has the right look. This Heart Design Bath Mat is a gorgeous way to make your bathroom match the girly mood:

Gifts for the girl who loves make-up

Show me a girly girl and I’ll show you a girl who loves make-up. To get the best look, a girl needs some gorgeous make-up tools. This Kabuki Makeup Brush Set is great quality (over 17,000 reviews can’t be wrong).

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