The Ultimate Girly Gift Guide

It might me basic, but I LOVE all things gold, marble, and pink. I would like to think I’m not alone in this thinking. If you’re buying for a girly-girl in your life, or you’re buying for yourself (You know I love spoiling yourself! *Cough* Solo Date *Cough*), then you will love these little favorites of mine. All of the links for the images are located below.

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1. Q-Tip Holder

2. Rose Sunglasses

3. Beats Headphones

4. Marble Coffee Cup

5. Bath Mat

6. Rose Makeup Brushes

7. Water Bottle

8. Gold Planters

9. Sea Salts

10. Clay Soap

11. Computer Cover

12. Ceramic Pineapple

13. Bath Bombs

14. Gold Drinking Glass

15. Copper Table

Ultimate Girly Gift Guide