5 Things All Dreamers Need To Know Today

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All dreamers NEED a creative outlet. This is why I have been creating different business ideas since I was seven years old. In school, I used to get in trouble for doodling during class, but drawing pictures helped me focus. On the playground, I would sketch and create the next great clothing line that I could sell with my friends.

I know that there are many of you like me. Thinking of your next non-profit that you would like to start in order to help people in the world. Staying up late and writing songs, planning for the day when you will get to sing to millions of people. Collaborating with your friends trying to figure out the code for the next big app.

But when you’re a dreamer, there are many obstacles that distract you during the day to day. Here are 5 common problems all dreamers face, and the solutions all dreamers NEED in order to still live in their present life:

All Dreamers Need to Know

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5 Things All Dreamers Need to Know Today:

1. When you can’t sleep because of you have a brilliant idea: Write it down

Sometimes I go to bed and an idea comes into my head. I’ll keep thinking and fixating on every aspect of the idea for hours into the night until I FINALLY fall asleep. When I wake up the next morning, I’ve forgotten the great tagline or small important details I’d hashed out the night before. Then I spend over half the next day trying to remember my stroke of genius.

Instead of going through these perils, all dreamers need to write things down when an idea wakes them up. This way you can have all the information available the next day and can hopefully get a couple zzz’s after your brain settles down. You can also read my tips on meditation to help you sleep on restless nights!

2. When you have so many ideas, you don’t know where to start: Get organized

For me, ideas come in all the time. Sleeping, showering, eating, working: it doesn’t matter. Sometimes I have so many ideas at once, I’m not able to focus (The point where even a goldfish has a better attention span than I do).

Luckily, I have found a way to curb this problem. I have created binders of stuff to organize my thoughts. There are even tabs and lists to go along with it. And this is something I suggest you do too!

I know that we don’t all organize the same way, but we all need a place to store our ideas. So get a binder, notebook, or scratch pad to write down your thoughts about the clouds or piece of broken glass. That way it’s all in one place when that stroke of genius hits for your next creation! I love this Kate Spade notebook ( for organizing my ideas:

3. When you are focusing every waking moment on an idea: Find a release

Not only do I get distracted by all of my ideas, but I also get super absorbed when I’m working on something I’m passionate about. I’ll put blinders on, sit behind my computer letting my coffee get cold, and work until I look like a mole seeing the sun for the first time.

Every time when I get like this, my body (and my boyfriend) demand I take a creative release. That might mean painting, jamming out to music, or even just sitting on a patio with a beer (I don’t know if you remember from previous articles, but this is my FAVORITE coloring book to de-stress – All dreamers need to do this. Whether that means solo, or with friends, you DEFINITELY need to. Then you can come back to your project with fresh eyes.

4. When life is so busy, you can’t focus: Make time

The opposite is also true in my world as full-time employee, dog mom, and co-habitant (not to mention having these people that keep calling me ‘friend‘). I feel the need to see people and to go out and to say yes to almost anything because I know it’s been a month since I’ve seen them. But that’s when my work starts to slide.

I stop waking up at the crack of dawn to get my writing in and stop working in the evening at home. I’ll even start giving up my lunch workouts, just to squeeze in a bit of time. But the more podcasts I listen to, and articles I read, the more I REALIZE you have to start scheduling time. So try to set QUALITY blocks of time to work towards your goal. Future you will thank you for it.

5. When you start to doubt yourself: Meet with a group

Let’s face it, sometimes we think “future you” will never come. There are days that I dig myself into a pity-hole that says this is the way my life will always be and that I’m not good enough to achieve my goals (This is also a main point I talk about when learning to face your fears).

Thankfully, I meet with a group of ladies once a month to talk through everything. This helps to keep us focused, hold each other accountable, and to motivate ourselves when we’re feeling down or at a loss. All Dreamers NEED to have this if they’re in a creative or isolating career outlet. Like my mother’s always tells me, surround yourselves with like-minded people and that’s who you’ll become.

We will always have rough days where we will want to quit. And amazing days where we’ll be on cloud nine from our successes. But every day should be the same. It should be a day of working towards the goals we’ve set out for ourselves and moving towards living the life of our dreams.

5 Things All Dreamers Need to Know

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