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10 Winter Beauty Tips to Combat the Cold

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It’s officially winter here, but I’m still struggling with dragging out my winter coat. I know that winter comes at the same time every year, but it seems I’m never prepared for the cold. And this year it seems even colder, so I’m REALLY not ready.

I have already started my winter regimen because me skin has already started drying out and becoming itchy, and it’s only November. If you live in an area that experiences winter, then you’re going to want to use these winter beauty tips to keep the cold air from drying you out. To keep yourself from being flaky and scratching all the time, use these 10 winter beauty tips:

10 Beauty Tips for Winter

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10 Winter Beauty Tips to Combat the Cold:

1. Bump up moisturizing

If you’ve read tips for anti-aging, you already know that you should be moisturizing every day. But now that winter is here, it’s as if that moisturizing isn’t doing enough. So you need to increase what you’re doing.

I add in different moisturizers in the winter: 1 that works in the shower(Although it’s weird to be wet putting on lotion, I think it works wonders on my dry skin), one for after shower–OK, really 3 different types but all for after the shower, and a deep moisturizing cream for spot treatments and weekly use.

It’s really important to use the heavier creams in the winter, especially for dry spots. Sometimes, I even use Vaseline or Beauty Counter’s Baby Balm for spot treatment. The best way to lock in moisture is after the shower. You can even wear socks and gloves to ensure the moisturizer is locked in better (Although, I can only do it for a little while, because sleeping in socks feels weird to me).

2. Exfoliate weekly

I normally try to exfoliate weekly year round, but it’s ESPECIALLY important in the winter. However, since your skin is already at a dry fragile state, you want to use a less abrasive exfoliant on your skin.

For my face, I like to use a¬†spin brush to exfoliate. But I also like a gentle cleansing scrub, if I use a wash. For my body, I typically¬†buy a scrub, but lately I’ve been trying my hand at homemade scrubs. Everything I find on Pinterest makes it seem like you can add any grainy texture like baking soda, brown sugar, coffee, etc. to coconut oil and it will work.

3. Switch to a gentle cleanser

I have more acne prone skin, but it’s also very sensitive. In the winter time, I have to swap out from using normal Salicylic Acid cleansers to gentler kinds. I like Aveeno if I’m buying at the drugstore, but I also LOVE the cleansing milk from Seacret Spa. It’s just a little more costly, so I don’t buy it as often. Lately, I’ve swapped to using only a Norwex rag and water, which seems to be the gentlest option for my skin.

I know that everyone has different skins needs (And that there are some of you who don’t even wash your face, which is just crazy to me). So if you’re used to using a cleanser for acne, you might want to swap to a gentler method for the winter to not dry out your skin. But if you DO dry out your face, you can always wash with dandruff shampoo to help heal it (Yes, that crazy suggestion actually works!).

4. Use DIY masks

Normally when I do masks, it’s to help cleanse my skin or deep clean my pores. However, in the winter you’ll want to make moisturizing masks. You can find a whole bunch of recipes on Pinterest, but my favorite is coconut oil and honey. Then I use the coconut oil to soak in my hair, sit back and watch a Rom Com (Check out my favorites list).

Or you can just run to Target and pick up a mask if you don’t want to make one.

5. Don’t neglect your lips

I don’t know why, but in the winter I tend to pick at my lips more. I’ll lick them then try to pull dead skin off. Instead of being THAT girl, just wear protective lip balm every day. I keep Chapstick with me at all times, but in the winter you’ll want a thicker lip balm.

6. Be sure to deep condition your hair

Not only is your body drying out with the temperature drop, but your hair can dry out too. Especially if you’ve recently been in a snowball fight and let your hair air dry. This could mean buying a deep conditioner and letting it sit in your hair for a few minutes before washing it out or creating a DIY hair mask that will sit a little longer.

I just opt for letting coconut oil soak in my hair for a few hours during my me night.

7. Shower at a moderate temp

When it’s FREEZING outside, sometimes all I want to do is jump in a scalding hot shower and stand there forever. But that is BAD! You don’t want to expose your skin to both extremes, otherwise it will strip the oil from your skin. Instead, you should take a 5-7 minute lukewarm shower. Get in, get done and no dilly dallying (Means we have to save all of our deep thinking for later).

8. Use a humidifier

I know when the weather has dried out, because I turn into a different person by the time I wake up. My nose will get stuffy, I’ll feel like my skin has dried up like a prune, and sometimes I’ll even have that not-so-sexy raspy voice. This is a sign that we have to hook up the Humidifier.

Winter air is dryer, so using a humidifier will help add moisture back into the air. This will keep from reversing all of your hard work.

9. Cover up before going outside

This is the hardest part for me. I’ve lived with winter my ENTIRE existence, but I don’t really feel that I own “winter” clothing. I’m the girl who wears ballet flats without socks to stand at a bus stop, doesn’t wear a scarf unless it matches my outfit, and sometimes skips the gloves so I can use my phone instead. I’m a TERRIBLE example!

Just like the scalding hot shower we don’t want, we ALSO don’t want really cold temps zapping our bodies. So be sure to protect your skin by wearing the proper winter gear. This means a scarf, coat that’s zipped or buttoned, gloves, covered footwear like boots, and earmuffs or a hat if it’s windy.

10. Drink plenty of water

I don’t know how you are in the winter, but I LOVE hot beverages. Especially coffee or cider, which are not so good for me. But we also need to moisturize from the inside out. No matter what season, you need to stay hydrated. Try to drink the suggested 8 glasses of water a day, and if you really want something warm, sip on warm water with lemon (Bonus: it’s also great for weight loss).

Winter doesn’t have to mean dry skin. Being diligent with these winter beauty tips will help you stay luscious all year long. For more beauty tips, check out my article for anti-aging tips in your twenties.

10 Winter Beauty Tips

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