How to Make a Vision Board
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How to Make a Vision Board and Why You Should

I grew up watching Oprah daily with my mother, so a lot of my early insight on life comes from day time TV. One of Oprah’s favorite things to have is a vision board. If you’ve never heard of how to make a vision board, it’s a collection of images or words or both that helps you visualize your dreams.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to focus more on my goals so I filled out a goals sheet (grab your 90 day goals sheet from my Resources page if you haven’t already). Then over the weekend I made a vision board. I make a vision board every season of change in my life, or when I’m wanting to start making/seeing a change–which is the reason for this board.

Why you should make a Vision Board

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How to Make a Vision Board and Why You Should:

Why do we need a vision board?

Sometimes when we set out to achieve new goals, we start out very excited and write them all down. However, at some point we lose the paper with the goals written on them and forget about the goals we set out for ourselves. So a vision board is supposed to solve this issue.

How to make a vision board best is through a collection of images, words, or both on a board that you display somewhere you will see it daily. I normally hang mine up in my bedroom so that I see it before I go to sleep at night and first thing when I wake up. If you’re someone that uses an office daily, or have a specific space dedicated for your private use, this would also be good place to display your board.

How do you make a vision board?

When you’re trying to decide how to make a vision board, there are two options: one as an actual poster and one as a book. Terri Savelle Foy, the author of Imagine Big: Unlock the Secret to Living Out Your Dreams, suggests creating a vision book. For me, a book is more specific things that I want to have happen in my life which I use to meditate over. There’s also nothing wrong with having both.

I made my vision board over the weekend, and it’s a little different than how I normally make mine. Typically my vision boards are all cut outs of magazines with big emphasis on the images and I use some words to accent those images. My boards tend to be more abstract, where only I’m able to derive the meaning from the images, and sometimes those meanings can change. If you want to make your board systematically by listing your specific goals, then YES, do that.

How to Build a Vision Board

Here’s all the supplies you will need to make your board:

  • Poster Board (I like this White Foam Board)
  • Images from Pinterest or magazines (If you’re being specific, searching the Internet is the best way to find your images and words)
  • Glue or tape (this last board used tape, but I typically use Elmer’s Glue Sticks)

What do you do once you have a vision board?

After you’ve made your board, you need to hang it up in an area you will see it most. Then every day you need to go look at it and speak the goals aloud. This is why Terri Savelle says to create a book, so you can meditate on your goals daily in a quiet space. I think just taking time to go through your goals every day, even just through looking at your board, is good.

Speaking your goals is vital. That way you hear your goals and it makes them feel more attainable. I try to say them with conviction as if they’ve already happened. It makes me feel like this way the universe has already made them a reality.

Free 90 Day Goal Sheet

Get your goal sheet and start planning your vision board. Also read my article on facing your fears to help you if you’re experiencing doubt. And if you’re a dreamer, reading the 5 things all dreamers need is also helpful. I want all of our dreams to become a reality! Let me know how your vision board is going in the comments box below.

Also, if you want some further reading, check out Terri Savelle Foy’s book, Imagine Big: Unlock the Secret to Living Out Your Dreams or check out The Secret, by Atria Books.

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