10 Benefits of Gratitude

10 Amazing Benefits of Gratitude You Need Today

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I’ve been going deep in the study of the law of attraction of late. And everything says that we need to take action, visualize, then be thankful. So there HAS to be benefits of gratitude or everyone wouldn’t be talking about it.

If you’ve been reading the gratitude series, you know why practicing gratitude is important and how to make it a habit. However, if you needed more convincing, I’ve also found amazing benefits of gratitude that you’ll want to learn about.

10 Benefits of Gratitude You Need Today

10 Amazing Benefits of Gratitude You Need Today:

1. Optimism

When you find things to be thankful for, it will make you happier. Focusing on the positive will only bring you good things.

2. Life Satisfaction

Have you ever looked at what others have and thought that you want it to? Or worse wallow in the fact that you don’t have it?

One of the benefits of gratitude is becoming satisfied for the life you’re living. Even if you have big goals for the future!

3. Live Healthier

When you worry, your hair starts to fall out, you gain weight, your face breaks out, etc. (Check out a full list of side effects if you want to further educate yourself). But if you focus on what you’re thankful for, your stress levels decrease and all those side effects wither away.

4. Better Relationships

I’ve found one of the best benefits of gratitude is how much stronger my relationships with people have become. Especially with my significant other.

There are things that people do sometimes that bother you. But when you list out all the amazing things that they also do, your perspective changes. Try it the next time you have a disagreement or start to feel negatively about someone you love.

5. Reduced Materialism

This one sounds obvious, but it’s so much more beneficial when you actually practice it. It’s hard to focus on what you don’t have and long for material goods, when you’re too busy listing out all the things you DO have.

6. Increased Self Esteem

For me, this one comes true when I focus on my weight especially. Even though I’m fairly confident with my body, I still have my self-conscious days. But practicing gratitude helps me on the low days to remind me how much I love myself.

7. Improved Sleep

Too many nights in our adult lives are spent tossing and turning because we’re too busy thinking about the next day. However, when we focus on what we’re thankful for, it shuts our brains off and puts us in dreamland. Just like reading before bed, instead of scrolling through social media on our phone.

8. Motivation to Exercise

It’s hard to be grateful for motivation, taut abs, and reaching your goal weight if you don’t back it up with action.

9. Less Jealousy

Having life satisfaction ties into being less envious as one of the benefits of gratitude. You can’t worry about what other people have if you’re too busy focusing on what you have instead.

10. Better Career Life

This one is especially important if you’re working your way up the ladder or trying to practice career patience. Focus on everything good that’s been going on all day, and say thank you for all your goals that are on the way to you.

Gratitude is the key to using the law of attraction to get the life you want. If you want to focus more on gratitude and happiness in your life, take a look at my Happiness Journal.

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10 Benefits of Gratitude You Need

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