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The Best Tips to be More Productive at Work

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Have you ever wanted to be more productive at work?

There are days when I have a to-do list a mile long at 8am, yet I know that’s only the beginning to my duties. So I have to learn how to be more productive at work, while still being a positive influence for my staff and clients. A tall order for sure!

How to be productive at work

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If you find yourself in this situation, I have discovered the best tips you will need to become the productivity master. Bonus: they’re in an easy-to-follow order that will keep you organized all day long. Use these top 10 tips to be productive at work today!

The Best Tips to be More Productive at Work:

1. Set a morning routine

How we choose to start our day will set the tone for the ENTIRE day. So get yourself a morning routine. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out my tips for a productive morning, even when it’s dark and cold outside. There are days when I want to skip my routine, and I find myself regretting that decision by 10am. Don’t skip this step!

2. Create a to-do list

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a visual learner, or an over thinker, or both. But I find it best to write down my to-do list. Use a simple spiral and a pen. Write down everything you need to do. Be sure to add any thoughts you have throughout the day, so you don’t forget (Or have a thousand stickies stuck to your desk).

3. Prioritize your list

After you create a list, you will need to prioritize it. Mark the things that ABSOLUTELY have to be done today to do first, then you can move on to the less pressing things. Even when it feels like everything needs to be done today, you know that there are really things that could slide into tomorrow if you have to. It’s ok, so long as you aren’t procrastinating.

4. Delegate what you can

No matter what I try to pretend, I am but one human. And so are you. This is why we work with others (Even if they’re computers) and why we collaborate with teams. Be sure to utilize other people’s expertise. Know the things that can be trusted with another human being and don’t be afraid of giving up the control. It’s better for your sanity.

5. Limit distractions

We make it harder on ourselves when we have everything out in front of us. Try to minimize unnecessary windows, avoid overusing chat boxes, limit the time your read emails, and keep your phone put away. Make sure that your music list is something that you won’t have to focus on. Limiting these typical distractions will help us be more productive at work.

6. Focus on 1 task at a time

I am not superman. I cannot work on everything all at once–no matter HOW MANY cups of coffee I’ve had. And neither can you. Sticking to your priority list and keeping distractions to a minimum will help you optimize your focus. Taking 1 task at a time is also the fastest, most effective way to get anything done. So stow your cape while you’re at work.

7. Schedule small reasons to get up from your desk

There are days I put my nose to the desktop and just plug away. Only when I’m going to gnaw my arm from hunger do I look up. This is also the time when my body feels stiff as a board. Exercise will help you clear your mind, refocus, and is actually SUPER important to your health. Try out my exercises you can do at your desk. Otherwise, set a reminder on your phone, or create an alarm, that will remind you to take a lap around the office. Even if it’s just to use the printer.

8. Keep your desk organized

I’m a visual person. This is the excuse I use for seeing every piece of paper I’m working on. But seeing everything you have to work on can increase your anxiety and make you feel overwhelmed. It can also work as a distraction (Which we already learned is a no-no). So stow your to-do stack in one corner, or in folders. Only keep the task you’re currently working on directly in front of you.

9. Have a notebook with you

Best Tips to be Productive at Work

Yes, there is such a thing as too many sticky notes. Sticky notes are also more likely to get lost in the shuffle. This is why I recommend you keep a notebook with you at all times.

10. Maintain a positive attitude

Overall, you need to smile and be positive. Just like how we start out our day, the attitude we keep for the day is going to affect our work productivity. If you sense yourself getting stressed or frustrated, use this as the perfect opportunity to go for a lap or take a few deep breaths. Happy people are more fun to work with!

Using these tips to increase your productivity will add brownie points in the office. Real brownies can always help, too! We all have to work, so why not be our most productive, happy selves while we are there. And remember, you can still be productive even when you’re sick.

How to be more productive at work

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  • Alicia Hursley

    As a small business owner, I have to ask myself the question about my own productivity daily. Just maintaining the office space that always seems to bog me down because I try to take it all on myself. I loved your fourth tip about delegation. It’s something that we all think we do well until we actually give ourselves a fair evaluation.

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