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3 Ways to Detox your Life After the Holidays

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I have been doing a lot of chocolate eating and heavy drinking lately (that comes standard with the holidays, right?). All of these excess calories have made me feel bloated like a balloon. On top of whale status, we have things EVERYWHERE. As much as I love the gifts and treats, I really need a life detox.

Common signs you need to detox your life are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and heavy. Having an excess of things (Even yummy delicious or beautiful shiny ones) can really weigh you down. If you need a reset right now, try these 3 ways to detox your life.

Detox Your Life

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3 Ways to Detox your Life After the Holidays:

1. Hydrate and Cleanse

I have been bad at getting enough water in my life lately (If only wine was hydrating). Whenever I don’t get enough water, my stomach looks full and thick. I also start to feel sluggish and my skin drys out–I have not been listening to step 10 of my winter beauty tips. So I need to do a water cleanse.

This is my favorite water cleanse because I don’t have to give up food. Normally, I try to do this cleanse one week per month to keep my body in check. All you need is a water pitcher like this super cute one:

You also need:

  • Cucumber
  • Lime
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Mint

Throw 2 slices (Except on the orange, I only do 1) in the water and drink at least 64 ounces each day for one week. If you buy the pitcher above, you can make one mixture to last you all day.

2. Clean and Declutter

It’s great that we give gifts for the holidays (like my beautiful KitchenAid mixer – get yours below – it’ll change your life!):

The downside of gifts is that now there are things everywhere in our house. It almost looks like the Amazon warehouse with all of the boxes laying around. So I really need to clean.

If your house is a little more disorganized than normal, take the day to clean and declutter. For everything new you have, try to get rid of something you no longer use or need. Create a collection of donation items and take them to the Salvation Army or Goodwill–be sure to check drop off times though.

While you’re decluttering, you can also be cleaning. I LOVE to deep clean my house at this time. It helps to feel like a weight has been lifted when there’s less dirt and dust in the house. And it’s nice to come home to a clean house when you’ve been traveling.

3. Focus and Regenerate

It’s the New Year so it’s common practice to make resolutions. The reason we do this is for a fresh start in the New Year to work towards the goals we would really like to accomplish. We have a competition in our house–every 6 swear words buys the other person a beer.

Make sure to use the SMART method for effective goal setting. A specific goal gives you something to focus on (You may also need a vision board). My main tip would be to make sure it’s something that you really want so you stay motivated past February.

It’s the best time to detox your life so that you can restart fresh. Keep these tips in your mind throughout the year, too, in case you need a reset. Here’s to our best year yet!

Detox your Life

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