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Metabolism Boosting Detox Drink

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Anything that says “Metabolism Boosting” sells me. I’m always looking for some way to burn more fat and help me lose weight easier. When I was 23, I watched an episode of Rachel Ray with a young celebrity (It was someone like Mischa Barton). She was telling the audience about this fantastic drink that she takes every day. She said it boosts metabolism and only requires 3 ingredients (Easy and amazing. What could be better?).

metabolism boosting detox drink

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The 3 ingredients you need are:

It helps support weight loss and cleanses your system (Bonus that I learned: one shot cures a hangover). I like to pour my drink into a measuring cup and drink it straight from there like a shot (My boyfriend likes to call me a barbarian for my ways), but you can also mix it with an 8oz glass of water.

Here’s a breakdown of the 3 different ingredients:

The Benefits of the Cranberry Juice

According to Organic Facts, cranberry juice strengthens your immune system and helps relieve stress. It also helps people shed extra fat. Make sure it’s 100% cranberry juice and not the cocktail. I know it’s more tart, but you don’t want the added sugar.

The Benefits of the Lemon Juice

Drinking hot lemon water, or lemon juice, daily aids in digestion and supports weight loss, according to Healthline. It’s also a good source of Vitamin C and improves skin quality. For this, I buy a lemon and squeeze one half for each drink I make. If you don’t want to use the raw lemon juice, you can buy it pre-juiced (Just make sure it’s 100%).

The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has tons of health benefits! Particularly, it balances your blood sugar, eases digestive problems, and increases weight loss according to Natural Living. It also makes you feel full. I have a slight obsession with apple cider vinegar (There are so many amazing benefits!), so I put it in anything. The only brand to buy is Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. Trust me.

This is a very tart drink, so you might want to take it as fast as possible at first. After a while though, you’ll begin to love the tart taste and will be able to incorporate the ingredients in more recipes (Like apple cider vinegar in your smoothies and straight with water). Below is the full recipe. And if you want another good detox, try my water detox recipe to debloat fast!

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