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How to Build Your Body Confidence in 5 Minutes

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Truly being confident and secure in my body has taken me over 6 years of practice to accomplish, and I still need to keep practicing. Whenever I’m feeling down though, I have a trick to boost my body confidence in only 5 minutes.

How to Build Your Body Confidence in 5 minutes

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If you want to know how to build your body confidence in just 5 minutes, then you need to grab a pen and paper. I LOVE Kate Spade’s notebook collection (, if you’re looking for some fun, new notebooks (Because who doesn’t love new writing supplies). You will also need to post up in front of a mirror for this exercise. Once you have all of your supplies, and are in position, take 5 minutes to practice these tips on how to build your body confidence in only 5 minutes.

How to Build Your Body Confidence in 5 Minutes:

Look at your flawsTime Allowance 1 minute.

Most of our time staring at ourselves is spent searching for flaws and things we don’t love about our bodies. Sometimes I wish we could all be as naive as Cady in Mean Girls then we wouldn’t see all of these imperfections.

Instead of avoiding these areas, let’s focus on them head-on. Make a list of the areas of your body that you would change.

Look at what you love– Time Allowance 1 minute.

Now that we have the negativity out of the way, it’s time to start being positive. After you practice this exercise long enough, you will start to see the positives first and the list will (hopefully) always be longer than the list of flaws.

Look at your reflection in the mirror and list everything you love about yourself. Please don’t leave this area blank. EVERYONE has something that they love about themselves.

Flip the script– Time Allowance 1 minute.

Listing out the positives has helped put us in a favorable mindset. This is the perfect time to go back to your list of flaws. Instead of saying “I wish I had this”, you need to change your mindset to think that this has already happened.

For instance, I have always wanted a flat stomach. Instead of thinking “Geez, I wish my stomach was flatter”, I pretend that I’ve already achieved my goal of a flatter stomach by thinking “Wow, my stomach is flat”. You can also think things like “I have a great body”, “My butt is beautiful”, “I love the way my face looks”, etc. WHATEVER you want to start feeling better about, start thinking about it in a more positive light, and then write this down.

End with words of Affirmation– Time Allowance 2 minutes.

To end the practice, you should say positive affirmations to yourself and about yourself. These sayings can be anything that will remind yourself that you love what you look like and who you are in this present moment. No matter if you want to lose weight, gain weight, be stronger, etc. YOU MUST choose to love yourself in the here and now.

When a body feels love, you will in turn feel good. If you need help coming up with affirmations, check out my list of 70 positive affirmations to encourage you, or jump straight in and grab my free printable positive affirmations. Bonus action: If you hang up these affirmations up in a spot that you see every day and say them out loud, then your confidence will increase daily.

How to Build Your Body Confidence

If you’ve been following my posts for a while, you know that I love talking about how to build your body confidence. It’s a passion of mine for every girl to love being in the skin they’re in.

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