Top Reasons to Exercise for Motivation

Top 5 Reasons to Exercise You Need for Motivation

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I can think of many reasons to exercise, yet there are SO MANY days when I find myself lying on the couch, instead of using my gym membership. You would think that paying for a gym membership alone would be a motivator to workout! However, a lot of the time my yoga pants are used for lounging rather than actually practicing yoga.

A quick Google search is enough to tell me I’m not alone in my struggle to workout. When a high percentage of the population is overweight, we need some reasons to exercise. If you are like me and are looking for some motivation to start a regular exercise routine, then check out these top 5 reasons below.

Top 5 Reasons to Exercise Daily

Top 5 Reasons to Exercise You Need for Motivation:

1. Exercise gives you energy.

I like to wake up at 5AM to write, which is great until about 2 or 3PM when my eyes no longer want to stay open. Since sleeping is frowned upon at work, I have added exercise to my lunch routine. Those added endorphins really help increase my energy level to finish out the day AND keep me from passing out on the couch when I get home.

According to WebMD, this is because our bodies literally create energy after we exercise. They recommend doing moderate exercise every day, which they list as 10-15min walks (You can even do this with your dog before or after work!). If you find your eyes starting to droop at your computer, take a couple of laps around your office to wake your body up.

2. Exercise boosts your self-confidence.

Let’s be honest, one of the main reasons to exercise is to look good. Whether that’s for the bikini on your next beach vacation or before going to your reunion, you want to look good! And when we don’t look the way we would like to, it can be kind of depressing.

So boosting your body confidence is one of the reasons to exercise regularly. Although, it may take a while before you start seeing things change, your confidence will begin to increase. But this shouldn’t turn into body shaming. Be sure to read my article on increasing your body confidence in 5 minutes to love yourself in your current form and shape. Even before you start exercising.

3. Exercise helps combat aging.

It was about at the age of 27 that I noticed that my ENTIRE arm had started waving back to people. My body had started to change and was different than it’s younger, supple self. I was in need of some life changes to slow down this inevitable droop.

You can work to tighten muscles and prevent early flabbiness through basic strength training. Exercise is also great to keep internal organs, like the heart and lungs, in shape through cardio exercises. Read this for more anti-aging tips you can start in your twenties, too!

4. Exercise relieves stress.

There are some days that I get very frustrated. So frustrated, that if I don’t find an outlet, I could potentially explode like a cartoon character. I have found that hitting the gym or doing some sort of physical activity is the fastest, easiest way to relieve my frustrations.

If you are working a high-stress job, or feel like you have constant anxiety, try incorporating an exercise routine. Even a simple yoga flow can be effective in finding calm and balance in your life. Bonus: It will help you sleep better, too!

5. Exercise increases flexibility and overall endurance.

I have been doing yoga for over 10 years, which is the only thing allowing me to bend over. Being sure to stretch daily and to stay active keeps my body functioning fully. Which is important if we have to randomly hike a mountain on a family vacation!

Making your routine a habit only works to increase your flexibility and endurance throughout our lives as we age. If you want to keep your exercise a lower impact, I recommend trying out yoga. There are TONS of different kinds for all interests and you can do it at any point in your life. If you want to start, check out my favorite products before going to your first class!

These are only 5 reasons to exercise, but the main reason is for our quality of life. We all want (I hope!) to live a long and healthy life. To be able to see future generations and be able to do things independently for many, many years. And exercising is the number one way to get the most from our lives.

Top 5 Reasons to Exercise You Need for Motivation


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