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8 Great Self Care Tips for When You’re Sick

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I have the cough that just won’t quit. So I’ve been researching self care tips for when you’re sick and resorting to crazy old wives tales (Slathering myself in a pound of Vicks over here – burning nostrils for the win!). The ultimate goal when you’re sick is to get better and it would be awesome if it would happen quickly.

You should always be practicing self care, but particularly when you’re sick. Self care allows to rejuvenate your body and assist your immune system in the healing process. If you find yourself feeling under the weather this year, take time to follow these self care tips.

Self care tips when you're sick

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8 Self Care Tips When You’re Sick:

1. Wash your hands

I know that we’re told to wash our hands all the time and that we should practice handwashing regularly. But sometimes it’s easy to overlook this simple step. We use our hands SO much every day, think of all the germs that are on them! You will also be adding to the germs if you’re coughing or quickly try to squelch a running nose.

Make sure to keep up your hand washing while you’re sick (And don’t forget my winter beauty tips so you don’t dry out your skin).

2. Drink plenty of liquids

I know that I’m supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but sometimes I’m really bad at it. When I’m sick, I try to switch my daily coffee to green tea and keep a water bottle with me during work to make sure I’m staying hydrated. I also love to drink Theraflu (, especially at night, to help with my cold.

Keeping up on your fluid intake will make sure that your body stays hydrated and replaces any lost fluids from fever or respiratory issues. Try drinking warm lemon water to flush out toxins (Which is great to do daily whether or not your sick). And if you’re in need of something to soothe your throat, try green tea with honey.

3. Get sleep

This last round of sickness has made me feel like I need sleep all of the time. Especially when I’ve stayed up all night coughing, or tossing and turning because I’m uncomfortable. The Vicks does really help with this because you can breathe – hurrah! Grab some here –

Be sure to set aside more time than you normally do for sleep a night (Maybe 7-9 hours) and to listen to your body if you feel tired. Also, read my article on getting a full night’s sleep which can help you change your night time routine.

4. Take your vitamins

I love to take daily vitamins in gummy form because it makes me feel less like I’m taking medicine everyday. But when I’m sick, I try to add extra vitamins like Airborne to my diet –

A great way to make sure you’re getting enough vitamins is to eat a balanced diet. You should be getting in at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Quick snacks I like to have on hand are apples, carrot sticks, grapes, frozen berries for smoothies, and frozen veggies I can steam.

5. Limit your screen time

When I’m sick, it feels like work to stare at my phone or computer for long periods of time. My eyes start to burn and feel dry like they need to sleep.

Instead of straining your eyes, limit your screen time when you’re sick. Take time for other activities like reading a book instead of scrolling through social media for hours. And if your eyes feel tired, schedule in time for a nap so they can rest.

6. Get some fresh air

This year, we’ve been having an unseasonably warm December so we’ve been able to keep our heat off and open the windows during the day. I LOVE to have the windows open because it makes the air in the house fresher. I’ve also been taking advantage of more trips to the dog park and going on walks while the weather is decent.

The air can feel stale, especially during the winter when we run our heat and keep our homes/cars closed. When you’re feeling under the weather, try to get some form of fresh air during the day. Cold brisk air may be just the thing you need to open up your sinuses.

7. Diffuse with eucalyptus or peppermint

I’ve always been a fan of air fresheners to keep my house smelling good. Now that I’ve moved in with my boyfriend, we’ve been using his diffuser to make the house smell warm and inviting.

When I’m sick, I like to add essential oils of peppermint or eucalyptus to the water. Both scents help to open up my sinuses or help when I have a headache. This is the diffuser we use and it’s absolutely FANTASTIC if you don’t already have one for your place –

8. Clean your house

Cleaning always makes me feel better. But when I’m sick, I almost feel like I NEED to clean. Not only do I want to sanitize my home, but things tend to be in disarray when I don’t feel well, so our house is cluttered.

Take time to run through your home and put things away. Deep clean the bathrooms and the kitchen. Making your home clean can do wonders to make yourself feel better.

Self care tips when You're sick

No one wants to be sick, but taking care of yourself can help speed the process. If you need to be productive, but feel like you can’t do anything, check out my tips to help you. And take time each morning to set your day up for success with these simple morning routine tips. I hope these self care tips help you start feeling better!

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