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The Best Products You Need when Practicing Yoga

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I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years now, and I can say hands-down it’s my favorite way to exercise. There are so many different kinds of yoga too! Here is a breakdown of the 4 most common:

  • Hatha- Great for beginners
  • Vinyasa- Great for weight loss
  • Bikram. AKA Hot Yoga- Great for building flexibility
  • Ashtanga- Great for seasoned yogis wanting to go for an hour and a half or more

I prefer vinyasa yoga, because it tends to flow at a faster pace and I won’t melt. Seriously, hot yoga is intense, especially in the summertime! If you want to start practicing yoga, then you will need to grab these essentials to start.

Best Products for Practicing Yoga

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The Best Products You Need when Practicing Yoga:

1. Tight Yoga Pants

I prefer a tighter pant when I’m practicing yoga, so I don’t step on the hem of my pants changing positions. They also can double as workout pants whenever I go biking or take a PiYo class. You can get these pants here –

2. Flare Yoga Pants

These are more of a traditional yoga pant. I probably wouldn’t recommend them for hot yoga if you’re just starting out, since the extra fabric can be troublesome when switching between poses. However, these pants are FANTASTIC for lounging around the house in. You can get them here –

3. Yoga Towel

A towel laid on top of your mat helps prolong the life of your mat. It also creates a non-slip surface when you’re practicing yoga in hot temperatures, where you may sweat more. This is a great towel to get if you need one –

4. Yoga Mat

Probably the most obvious piece, but it’s definitely important to your practice. The key is to get a mat that has grip and won’t slip on the floor, especially if you go to a class with vinyl flooring. I like this yoga mat because it has the added strap for traveling to classes, which makes it easier to carry – If you need a little extra padding, you will want to get a slightly thicker mat (this one comes in 2 different thicknesses), or add the towel.

5. Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are perfect for beginners and those with limited flexibility. You put blocks under your body to help aid in flexibility and deepen the pose while practicing yoga. Bring these yoga blocks with you to class – – so you don’t have to worry about them running out. Alternatively, if you want a cork block rather than foam, try this one –

6. Water Bottle

It’s important to hydrate during any exercise. It’s especially important to have when you’re sweating in hot yoga or to flush toxins out of your body after doing twists. This is a great water bottle to take with you to your next class –

Yoga is a wonderful way to focus your mind and balance your body. Practicing yoga will not only increase your flexibility, but it will make you stronger. If you want to do yoga at home, I recommend checking out Sarahbeth yoga on Youtube. She has amazing flows for all different levels and time sessions. My mornings normally start with a flow of hers.

Shoot me a comment down below if you have any questions. Namaste 🙂

Best Products for Practicing Yoga

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