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How to Have the Perfect Solo Date at Home

I have discovered the best recipe for a perfect solo date at home!

If you have ever read about the 15 Solo Dates to take yourself on, you know I LOVE a good “me night”. This weekend I was able to have a solo date from home and it was the best. For me, staying in means no bra, cheap wine, and Netflix. But it also requires a little bit of pampering.

Here’s what you’re going to need for the perfect solo date from home if you decide to have one tonight:

Recipe for the Perfect Solo Date

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How to Have the Perfect Solo Date at Home:

First step is to get cozy.

There are 2 types of solo dates from home I like to have: a pamper session and a chill session. Sometimes I combine the 2.

If you’re a bath lover, then the obvious way to get cozy is to get nakey (Check out my article on how¬†being in the buff builds your body confidence). However, if you’re not bathing, then you’ll find comfort by FINALLY getting to take off your bra and put on some nice sweats. Leggings are also a great alternative if you aren’t a fan of sweatpants. I will leave choosing comfy pants up to you.

Next, you need to bring the essentials.

There are 3 things you need for the perfect solo date: food, drink, and an activity.

I have a slight obsession with ice cream, which is why I'm glad they invented "healthy" ice cream, called Halo Top. So my night will normally involve either ice cream or popcorn. I will also have a bottle of something red (I love wine some much, I have a subscription through Winc). But the activity will differ depending on the type of solo date you want to have.

If you're opting for a bubble bath, then I like to bring a good book. But if you're choosing to chill and binge Netflix on the couch, then I recommend a good Rom Com. Check out my list of the 25 BEST Netflix movies to watch during your perfect solo date.

Finally, you will want to pamper yourself.

No matter what your definition of the perfect solo date is, there needs to be some pampering. I LOVE to do a coconut oil soak on my hair. It simply involves getting my hair wet, pouring the melted oil all over it, and letting it soak in for a few hours. My friend, however, just rubs the cream into her dry hair--so we are at odds on which way is correct. Either way, they both work!

The other pampering requirement for me is a face mask. My favorite one I've been using right now is Beautycounter's Charcoal mask, but I also like to get the $3 masks from Target. You can also paint your nails and pick up a few bath bombs to use if you're bathing. It's YOUR perfect solo date, so you get to choose your favorite way to pamper yourself.

It's important to have a solo date with yourself often to de-stress from the week and relax. My weekend was filled with solo dates and now I'm feeling better about the start of a new work week. Let me know if there is anything you do different for your perfect solo date. And don't forget to read about building body confidence by being in the Buff and 15 Solo Date ideas!