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25 Best Netflix Movies for Your Solo Date

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I love having me nights, especially when they involve hanging out on the couch. After you’ve removed your bra and put on some comfy sweatpants, pour yourself a glass of wine and check out one of these 25 best Netflix for a girl’s night in.

25 Best Movies on Netflix for a Night in:

Classic Chick Flicks

1- Miss Congeniality- quirky FBI agent that gets a full makeover
2- 13 Going on 30- we all wished we were older when we were 13
3- Mean Girls- all-time fave and know all the words
4- Magic Mike- in case you like it steamy
5- Hitch- Will Smith and Eva Longoria. Enough said
6- White Chicks- one of the funniest movies ever!

Comedy Movies

7- The Break-Up- I love Jennifer Aniston in everything she does
8- I Give it a Year- nothing like friends betting against how long your relationship will last
9- The Pill- this is a hilarious indie flick about a 1 night stand
10- Who Gets the Dog- he’s a child of divorce
11- My Fake Fiancee- a little cheesy because it’s ABC family, but I like a good guilty pleasure
12- I Love You Man- BFF love
13- For a Good Time Call- a girl needs to make her money somehow
14- Freezing Hot or War Paint- Iliza Shlesinger- she is hilarious in all she does <3
15- Amy Schumer- the Leather Special- also a great comic if you’re wanting a stand-up

Romantic Movies

16- Leap year- Irish tradition of the girl proposing to the guy
17- Playing it Cool- it’s about a cynical writer but Topher Grace is his bestie
18- The Switch- I love Jason Bateman and my girl Jennifer Aniston
19- Sleeping with Other People- just watched this and loved it. Also has a phenomenal cast
20- Charlie St. Cloud- Zac Efron is sexy and he makes me tear up
21- Atonement- classic novel about love and misunderstanding
22- Safe Haven- strange girl with a dark past moves to town and falls in love with the available hunk
23- How to Steal a Million- this is an old movie but I love it
24- 12 Dates of Christmas- a girl gets to relive the same date 12 times 
25- Christmas Kiss- I kind of become a sucker for TV movies around the holidays

These are available on Netflix today, if you want to spoil yourself tonight! Let me know if I missed any of your favorites. Also be sure to check out my recipe for the perfect solo date from home!

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