6 Tips When You Cheer for Rival Teams

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My boyfriend and I cheer for rival teams because we went to different schools. One of our teams is better than the other (Mine does better academically), but it’s still fun to throw jabs at who is going to be the better team every year.

Since we have a rivalry, we had to learn a few tips to ensure our relationship doesn’t suffer through the season. Here are 6 tips for when you cheer for rival teams:

1. Set up a Whole Season Competition.

Like a fantasy football league or March Madness bracket, you could set up a little competition between the two of you. Make up how things are scored to see which team does best on the list. This kind of competition encourages you to interact even if you might not care how the other team is doing.

Since it’s a long time before you find out who wins, you can set the stake a little higher for the prize at the end of the competition. Some fun things to do for who wins is getting to plan a special date or having the loser wear the opposite teams memorabilia for a day.

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2. Place bets when your teams play each other.

My boyfriend and I love to bet a beer on things (I may need to up my game because I find myself buying the beer more). One of the things we always bet on is who’s going to win the game when our two teams play each other.

Placing a bet on the rival teams is a way to ease the tension that may come while watching the game. This way it becomes a friendly competition and encourages you to hang out to see the winner. If you’re not into beer, other ideas to bet on is who gets to pick the next Netflix series or be the big spoon next cuddle sesh.

3. Rotate where you tailgate.

It’s easier for us now that we’re out of school, because only one team is close enough to tailgate at. However, when you’re in school, you will want to go to both places. It’d be awesome if you had different home game schedules, but in the event that you don’t, the best thing to do is rotate where you hang out. This way no one feels left out.

4. When both teams play at the same time, go to a bar.

Most of the time, the teams will play at different times so you can swap the channel at home. However, on the days when they’re on at the same time, it’s best to go to a sports bar. This way you can watch multiple games on all of their TVs. It also means good food and beer with some people watching (This is when we bet the most beers).

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5. Be supportive when the other team loses.

No one likes to lose and no one likes a sore loser. On the days when it’s your partner’s team that loses, be there for them. You’re going to want the same support when it happens to your team.

6. Be excited when the other team wins.

It’s exciting when your team wins, but it’s also exciting when your partner’s team does. Even if your team loses, and your partner’s team wins, you need to be happy. At the end of the day, it’s about seeing your partner happy and being happy together as a couple. So share in the celebration!

7. Remember at the end of the day it’s about you as a couple.

Win or lose. Sports or no sports. All that matters is having fun and loving each other as a couple. So keep things light and don’t be afraid of a little competition. Because it’s bonding in the relationship that matters at the end of it all.

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