5 Labor Day Date Ideas for the Long Weekend

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Labor Day is coming up, which means a 3-day weekend for most of us. For my boyfriend and I, this is a great time to go on a date since I work a lot of weekends, but I get time off for the holiday. Most years, we have to be home for family events but sometimes we get to spend time together.

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If you’re lucky enough to find time to spend with your significant other, try these 5 Labor Day date ideas:

1. Take a Boat Ride

Labor Day marks the last weekend of summer for most of the country. Taking advantage of the weather is always a good date idea because being in the fresh air is quite relaxing. If you have to spend your date time with others, take out someone’s boat or have your group rent one (Boat rentals only end up being around $20-$30 per person).

Although, if you have an afternoon or day to yourselves, then you can always rent a smaller paddle boat or kayak. This is a more romantic float and doesn’t leave you responsible for a whole large boat if you don’t already own one.

2. Attend a BBQ

Like with my family, Labor Day normally means a lot of get togethers with friends or family. Especially at a BBQ or cookout. If your weekend is full, so you don’t think you’ll have time for a date, then use the BBQ to your advantage. Bring a blanket and load your plates up to have a mini-picnic in the grass then maybe go for a short walk after you eat to help settle your stomachs. This way you will still get plenty of socializing in before everyone starts eating and after while they’re playing games or hanging out.

3. Try Stargazing

After all the festivities slow down and you’re heading home, you can drive out to a more rural area where there isn’t much light pollution. If you have a truck, you can cuddle in the bed or if you only have a car, you can sit on the hood or use your picnic blanket to lay on in the grass.

See who can find the most constellations or any planets. This is a relaxing way to open up conversation and is really romantic.

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4. Take a Bike Ride

Being able to find exercise is hard, especially when you have an itinerary full of events to attend. If you have an afternoon or late morning free, it’s fun to get out and be moving. We have a lot of trails in our area so going for a bike ride is one of our favorite methods of exercise. It’s always a bonus if we can go to a brewery, too.

5. Go on a Mini Road Trip

This is one of my favorite dates. We try to go on one every few months, and if you don’t have any obligations over the weekend, this is the best time to go since you won’t have to worry about PTO or cutting it short. Think of a fun place that’s near you (Within 4-5hrs drive works best so you have more time to enjoy the destination), then pack your car and go.

We rent an AirBNB normally, but hotels are great too if you find them for a deal. Going on a mini road trip is a fun way to get out your element and potential rut of every day life.

Labor Day Date Ideas
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