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The Ultimate Guide to Get Exactly What You Want

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I just finished reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and learning about the law of attraction. The law of attraction is essentially the ultimate guide to get EXACTLY what you want. You just need to know how to use it.

After reading the 5 steps to finding your purpose, you might be asking yourself “now what?”. We now know exactly what we want to do with our lives but we aren’t sure where we should start or how to make it happen.

Don’t worry!

I have come up with a way to help us start living our purpose. Here is the ultimate guide to help you get exactly what you want:

Ultimate guide to get EXACTLY what you want

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Get Exactly What You Want:

Ask for what you want.

Nothing can come to you unless you ask for it. Once I decided that I was going to be a writer, I asked for the things that will make me a writer. I asked the universe for time, a platform, readers, and the words to say. Every morning at 5, I wake up and ask for the words to say today.

Think back to your purpose in life. What do you need to come into your life to make you successful? This is what you need to ask for.

Give thanks and know that it’s been given.

Now that you’ve asked for it, say thank you. I have a journal of all the things I’m thankful for today. Sometimes I write the same things, but each day there are slightly different things I write down to be thankful for. Now that I’ve asked for my purpose to come true, and said thank you, I act like the universe has already given it to me–my book has already sold thousands of copies and the check is in the mail.

For everything that you just asked, say thank you. Create a gratitude list (You can look at the 15 things that make you rich, to help you start). Now that you’ve asked and shown gratitude, you need to act like your request has already been answered.

Start making moves.

The universe can’t give you what you ask for if there isn’t room in your life for it. In The Secret, Rhonda Bryne tells a story about a woman that wants to meet her perfect husband, but it isn’t until she makes room for him does the universe bring him to her. You can grab the book for yourself here –

The way she made room was parking on her side of the garage, cleaning her closet to fit a second person’s clothes, and sleeping on her side of the bed. Easy things that made her body act like there already was a second person living there.

Think back to what you’re asking for and come up with anything that you need to do on your end. For instance I can’t sell books without first writing and publishing a book. What do you need to do to show the universe that you’ve made room for what you want in life?

Visualize it happening.

During my 5AM meditation, I spend time visualizing the end result. I see the numbers on my email list, the sales in Amazon, the offer coming through my inbox. Anything and everything that I need to achieve my goal, I see happening.

When you visualize, you need to feel how you would feel if it had happened. FEEL the excitement, the joy, that you will have when it happens every time you visualize. Take time throughout your day to see your goals coming true.

Be positive and open to letting the universe work.

I’m a type A person that likes to be in control, so this step is hard for me. I have to remember that I don’t need to know how everything will work. I just need to know that it will. In building body confidence, I told you how I changed my thinking about my body to being positive. When I start to slip into negativity, I remind myself to be positive and to start showing myself love.

The same can be applied to ANYTHING you want in life. Start each day with a positive mindset that what is meant to be will be. If you find yourself experiencing doubt or growing impatient, take a step back and change your thinking. Let your positive thoughts be dominant and keep yourself open to letting the universe do its work.

Give generously.

Like I explained in the 15 signs that we’re rich, we are SO blessed in our lives that we can freely give. Giving is more than donating gobs and gobs of money–I need to pay my student loans off before I start handing out fistfuls of cash. But there’s still plenty of ways to give.

Think about how you can give related to your purpose and within your budget. For instance, I read other people’s manuscripts and offer reviews. I also donate time and volunteer.

Your donation doesn’t have to always be money, it can be anything else that will add value to another person’s life. Remember that the Salvation Army needs bell ringers as much as it needs the money in the bucket.

Using the law of attraction can be challenging at first, but with practice it will feel like second nature. The universe is able to give EVERYONE the life they want so don’t be afraid to truly go after everything you dream of. This really is the ultimate guide to get EXACTLY what you want. And if you want more information on the law of attraction, read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne at

Ultimate guide to get EXACTLY what you want

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