Are you struggling to find happiness and gratitude at the moment?


The world has felt like it has been turned on its head since the beginnning of 2020.  Has this uncertainty has left you struggling to feel happy, as you wait to see what each new day will throw at you?

It is scientifically proven that you can rewire your brain through the power of positive thinking.  With practice, you can choose where you focus your thoughts, and this can help you to reframe how you see the world.

The Happiness Journal includes a series of inspiring happiness and gratitude journaling prompts to bring your focus back to the positives in your life.  Don’t let things that are out of your control cloud your days any longer.

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Buy the printable or the digital Happiness Journal

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  1. Your Happiness Journal contains:
  2. – Gratitude Journal Prompts
  3. – Happiness Journal Prompts
  4. – Favorite Things Journal Prompts
  5. – Family Journal Prompts
  6. – Friends Journal Prompts
  7. – Monthly Journal Prompts
  8. – Affirmations Prompts
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The digital Happiness Journal requires an app such as Goodnotes, and you will need a stylus that allows you to write on your ipad or tablet.  You will need to separately purchase Goodnotes or a digital planning app to use the digitial planner.  If you do not have a digital planning app, you can buy the printable version of the Happiness Journal instead.



The printable journal will be delivered as a PDF and can be printed out for you to write on.

The digital journal will be delivered as a PDF and is uploaded into an app such as Goodnotes.  The digital journal is not designed to be printed out; if you like a paper journal then please purchase the printable journal.

The printable journal has 106 pages and the digital journal has 132 pages.

The pages are a mixture of journal prompts and blank lined pages for you to add additional thoughts. 

The price of each product reflects how much time it takes to create.  As the digital journal is hyperlinked and has a longer creation process, we charge more for it.  The content is the same.


To use the digital journal, you will need to use an app such as Goodnotes or Noteshelf.

When you purchase the digital journal, I also include a set of instructions for you for using the Goodnotes app.

The instructions are helpful if you have not used a digital journal or planner before, and are not sure how to use the hyperlinks or write on the journal.

As these are digital products, I do not offer refunds.  The information above sets out exactly what is included in the journal.  If you have any questions before purchasing please contact me.

What would be possible if...

you begin and end every day focusing on your happiest thoughts?





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