5 Must-Have, Good Roommate Qualities

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I’ve had different roommates in my twenties, so I’ve learned the different good roommate qualities to look for. Now that apartment living is the norm after we graduate college, we need to look for quality roommates to live with (Unless you’re over roommates and want your own place, then check out my article on the benefits of solo living). Having a roommate can be one of the most fun experiences if you pick the right one.

Good Quality Roommate

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Here are 5 must-have qualities in a good roommate:

1. They must be trustworthy.

I watch tv shows and movies where people meet their roommates on Craigslist and the idea freaks me out. I know that some people do find great roommates through a random connection, but my biggest fear in a random roommate is that they will steal all my things.

Being trustworthy is a very important quality to have in a roommate. This includes not eating the other person’s food and not inviting questionable people to the apartment.

2. They must be respectful.

I had a roommate that once brought what seemed like the entire bar to our place for after hours. I was already asleep, because I had to drive home to see my family really early. But I couldn’t sleep through the party,so I found myself up at 3AM and tired the next day. Sometimes we work opposite shifts or someone wants to go out while the other stays in. As a good roommate, you will need to be respectful of the other person.

3. They must be your level of clean.

I may be an overly particular, clean person, but I like my space clean. I used to have a roommate that never cleaned and would go 5-6 days without even showering, because she’d “forget”. Even if you’re a little messier, you have to find a roommate that’s comparable. This way one of you isn’t disgusted by the dishes growing mold in the sink or the funky smell that’s been coming from the washer for the last 3 days.

4. They must be responsible with bills.

I’m in property management, and I have a lot of roommates that ask me what happens when their roommate forgets to pay their rent. Or worse, when they still owe money, they ask if only one of them will be evicted. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter who pays before the 1st if there’s still money owed at the end. So make sure that you get a roommate that will be responsible with money and bills.

5. They must be fun to hang out with.

One of my favorite things about living with someone is getting to hang out. Whether that’s forcing me to wingman and socialize by going out to a bar, or staying in and drinking a bottle of wine while binge watching Netflix. Living with your friend is like an ultimate sleepover and your roommate can end up being one of your best friends if you pick a good one.

Living with a roommate can be a great experience if you have a good quality roommate. Be sure to ask these questions before you rent an apartment. If you decide to live alone, here are 7 benefits of doing so.

Good Roommate Qualities
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