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Body Confidence: 3 Benefits of Being in the Buff

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Who would’ve thought being in the buff would help build body confidence?

When I was 25, I did a boudoir photoshoot (When you strip down to your skivvies and let people around you with a camera, for those that are asking). I want to be able to remember what I used to look like when I’m old and wrinkly. This was the biggest body confidence building thing I have ever done and I encourage everyone to try it.

But I know that not everyone is comfortable taking their clothes off in front of other people. That’s ok! One day I would love for you to be, but you can always practice being nude alone in the meantime. Here are 3 ways that being in the buff helps you become more accepting and loving of who you are in your current skin:

Build Body Confidence

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Body Confidence: 3 Benefits of Being in the Buff

1. It helps you build confidence.

When I was in high school and college (Heck! Even now I sometimes get like this!), I would stand in front of the mirror and pinch/pull my skin. I would say things like ‘You should stop eating so much’ or ‘Dang you are getting chubby’ while I was looking at my reflection. This would also stem into my mind when I was around other people. If there were smaller girls around me, I would find myself making comparisons and longing to be thinner. Around guys, I would feel subconscious that they could see my tummy roll or that my thighs jiggle.

After I started living alone (See my article on living alone benefits if you’ve never thought of trying it), I started being naked at home. At first, it was sleeping naked, because some super sexy celebrity whom I forget their name mentioned they only sleep that way. Also, Cosmo ran an article about why you should sleep naked. So naturally, the next morning I would find myself nude at home either walking around the house, cooking, doing yoga, or just watching TV because I was too lazy to go to my closet to find pants.

But you know what happened?

I started to love my body. In fact, I would stare and study it all the time. I’d notice new bruises or freckles that I’d never seen before. I could tell when it was close to my time of the month, because I would get bigger in certain areas. But the difference to staring at myself previously, and now, is the way I talk to myself. I’ve started telling myself that I love my body and that I look amazing (Read my article on How to Build Body Confidence Through Changing Your Mindset). This practice has actually changed my mindset and confidence in how I feel.

2. It helps you to accept your flaws.

Like I said, I’m staring at myself a lot. Especially at my old home where I’d have to walk past the bathroom mirror to get to my closet, I’d notice things I didn’t like. And when I’d be on the couch eating ice cream, I’d see that the bowl was sitting on my stomach roll, which would make me feel a little guilty (no worries. I still ate the ice cream).

However, I was like this all the time! So I started to accept the fact that this is my body. The cellulite on my thighs is a part of me. When my legs knock together as I walk, it’s just a fact. Of course, I try to eat healthily and work out, but there are some things that will always be the same. Instead of fixating on them, I’ve learned to accept them as a part of me.

3. It helps you be happier in life.

I feel like we waste so much of our life worrying about what other people think. Do they think we’re thin enough? Are they going to think less of me if I order a cheeseburger? Will they judge me if they see me in a bikini? The real question we should be asking is why do we care so much?

After you spend time being with your body building confidence and seeing your flaws, then you stop obsessing as often. You start to see that you’re a human whose body changes throughout the month due to hormones, stress, and general life. Instead of having those negative thoughts around people, you remember how you feel when you’re alone. Sure there are those flaws and things you want to change, but that’s not going to happen over night. So you forget to worry and learn to enjoy the moment that you are in.

We are our biggest, worst critic in life. We also live in a society that is obsessed with body image and the idea of being thin. Being in the buff helps to bring us back to realty. We are all humans, and we all look a little different. However, those unique traits and the things we love & hate about ourselves are the things that make us who we are. So shimmy down to your birthday suit and focus back on loving YOU!

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