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10 Easy Holiday Treats for the 4th of July

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It’s the time of year where people get together to celebrate America, which means you’re going to need holiday treats. If you aren’t good at cooking slash creativity, there can be a lot of pressure. So here are 10 easy holiday treats to help you get into the 4th of July spirit, without too much effort:

1. An Easy Fruit Bowl

The hardest part of the fruit bowl is making it to the grocery store to pick the fruit out. Then all you have to do is cut it up and mix it together. Pick anything from strawberries, watermelons, raspberries, apples, bananas, and blueberries to get a truly American color palette.

2. A Well-Plated Veggie Tray

Just like the fruit tray, but less natural sugars. However, I can’t think of any blue vegetables other than blue corn soooo I have 2 options for the blue: use food coloring in the dip (but that kind of weirds me out) or use a blue bowl. You can even wrap the bowl in something blue if you don’t own a blue one! Tomatoes, Red Bell Pepper, Cauliflower, and Radishes are good color options. If you’re feeling extra creative (or if you check out Pinterest), you can arrange the tray to look like our flag.

3. A Delicious Side Salad

I like to try to bring healthy options to parties because it might be the only option. An always easy option is a salad (Don’t worry, this isn’t your every-day-rabbit’s salad). If you mix spinach with strawberries, blueberries, and feta it will look patriotic. Although you can make it how you want, I love to eat it with raspberry vinaigrette and almond slices.

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4. Festive Chips and Salsa

The best party snack is chips and dip. This also happens to be the easiest thing known to man for prep work. To make it truly 4th of July themed, I’d grab a bag of red, white, and blue corn chips with jarred salsa. If you really want to challenge yourself in the cooking department (and you didn’t completely wait until the last minute), you could always make the salsa yourself.

5. A Healthy Hummus Spread

Another easy snack if you’re trying to be healthy is a hummus plate. You don’t have to take the hummus out of the plastic container, but it would be better presented in a bowl on a plate. Then you can arrange red bell pepper, blue corn chips, and pita chips around the bowl. Or if you’re still feeling Pinterest-y, arrange them to look like our flag.

6. A Candy Collection

If you have a sweet-tooth, but don’t like baking, you can just bring some candy. White chocolate covered pretzels, twizzlers, and blue M&Ms make the perfect American spread. However, if you don’t have time to sort out all the blue M&Ms from the bag or don’t live near the M&M Store to get the blue kind, then you can buy a bag of the patriotic blend.

7. A Simple Chex Mix

At family gatherings, at least one of my grandmas would bring a Chex mix. I didn’t realize that it was so touted until I came home with my boyfriend for the holidays. So if you want to get on pro-family member level, mix a box of Chex cereal with the M&M Fourth of July blend. Everybody will be excited you came.

8. Patriotic Rice Krispie Treats

This one takes a little more skill than all of the rest (However, we make them in elementary school so don’t get your skivvies in a bind). You will need butter, marshmallows, and Rice Krispie cereal. Melt the first two together then mix in the cereal. Since we have to make them festive, you can either mix in the M&M Fourth of July Blend or add red/blue food coloring.

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9. Smooth-Sipping Sangria

Maybe food isn’t for you. No worries. I also have an easy wine idea: Sangria. All you need is a bottle of white wine (Literally, any kind that strikes your fancy) and some fruit. Since it’s the Fourth, throw in some strawberries and blueberries then tell your friends it’s a special berry-blend sangria.

10. Vodka Refresher

If you’re not a wine person,¬†then I also have an easy mix with vodka. I’d use pink lemonade and throw some berries in it. It’s the PG version of my childhood favorite.

Don’t let the menu stress you out. You can look prepared and like a put-together adult with these easy treat ideas. Now you can go to the party and have a fun time. Happy Fourth of July!

Easy Holiday treats
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