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15 Solo Date Ideas to Try Today

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I love coming up with solo date ideas to go on. Even now that I have a boyfriend, I still enjoy taking myself out every now and then. Taking yourself out is a great way to get to know yourself more and to build confidence. At first, it may feel awkward or there may only be a few things that you’re comfortable going to alone, but after some time you will look forward to solo dates.

Here are 15 solo date ideas to try today:

Solo Date Ideas

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15 Solo Date Ideas to try Today:

1. Attend a Pop-up Yoga Class

This is different than any normal class at a studio where you might have a membership. This is a free class that’s normally hosted outside. In my city, we have them by the lake with the sunrise or in the plaza over lunch. This is a great date because you get to find your zen, while enjoying the fresh air, but don’t have to spend a lot of money (Check out my article on everything you need if you’re just starting yoga).

2. Dine Out at a Nice Restaurant

I remember being in a high school thinking that it was so ballsy to go out to dinner by yourself, but now I don’t have any problems dining alone. You might want to start with lunch or visit a Panera to study before going out for a nice dinner, but that’s ok. You’ll soon be comfortable going to fancier restaurants.

Once you’re ready, get all dressed up like you would if someone else is taking you out. Then go to a nice restaurant and sit at a table with some wine.

Don’t worry about being distracted (or connecting with other people) through your phone. You exude huge confidence if you can sit alone and not look at your phone, even if you don’t feel confident doing it at first. Instead, sit back and enjoy a glass of red while being lost in your thoughts.

3. See a Movie

There’s always a movie from time to time that I really want to see but none of my friends are on board. When this happens, you should just take yourself. I prefer a matinee (Mostly because it’s half off and I love to save money), but you can go at any time that works for you. Bonus: You get a bucket of popcorn that you don’t have to share with anyone else!

4. Relax at a Spa

This is more than just getting a massage. I’m taking myself to one in a couple of weeks where I have to show up an hour early to so that I have time for a pampering session. This is the kind of spa you should take yourself to. It’s the best to get cozy in a fluffy robe, sip on some tea, and let your muscles release in a sauna before going in to have a massage or facial. You will never regret this kind of date (Or try my recipe for the perfect solo date with your own at home spa).

5. Sign up for an Art Class

In my area, we have a lot of Canvas & Wine/Cookie nights, Barnboard Painting classes, and even a class where you make yard ornaments (I’m partial to a wine and canvas night because painting and drinking wine are 2 of my favorite activities).

I recently just tried a class where you make your own wooden signs, which was a fun, practical class. I also recently made my own chef’s knife with forged steel! These classes were great since I could hang the sign in my house, and I can use the knife in my cooking! Any type of class in your area that piques your interest and might pull you out of your comfort zone is perfect.

6. Take a Long Drive

My favorite thing to do when I still lived at home was to go for a drive (It was the only way to truly be alone when you live with 9 other people). I would drive down gravel roads, blare music, and be lost in my thoughts without a destination in mind. It was very therapeutic for sorting out boy drama.

Boy drama aside though, going for a drive just to get out of the city is a great idea. You can stop to check out the clouds or stare at the stars depending on when you venture out. Take the time to really enjoy being lost in your thoughts.

7. Soak in a Bubble Bath

I like to grab some bath bombs (These are my absolute favorites –

Then I pour myself a glass of wine, and sink into the bath with a good book. I will also try a face mask to clear my pores–But I recommend using these – – because my DIY mask was a COMPLETE failure!

It’s such a relaxing experience, where I’m detached from the world. Even if it only lasts 20 minutes because the water gets cold.

8. Shop for a New Outfit

I used to take myself shopping every weekend (I’ve since cut back on my spending). Coming home with a new outfit or pair of shoes is always so satisfying. Find a neighborhood with local shops to peruse through because you get to walk outside and they tend to be more niche inspired than your standard department stores. But the mall is still a good choice and you can always stop at the food court for some Coldstone.

9. Have a Drink at a Bar

There are days when a pint of Guinness sounds good. Or I may want to hit up a happy hour that has a Moscow Mule special. I find it very relaxing to cozy up on a patio with a beer and a book (however, the book is optional).

10. Visit a Museum

Next to the library, one of my favorite places to visit is a museum. It’s my favorite place to go on vacation, but we have lots of museums right here where I live that I can visit (And most of them have free admission). Search to see what traveling exhibits are at your nearby museum or just head out to spend the day enjoying the permanent collection.

11. Explore a Local Site

When I lived in New York City, I only managed to make it to anything touristy because a friend from back home visited. We tend to never take advantage of the historical or interesting sites around us (Maybe because we’re busy living or maybe we forget that people vacation here too. Either way). Check out your state’s attractions and take yourself on a mini-roadtrip!

12. Have a Netflix and Chill Night

Just like at the movies, there are some things on TV that other people won’t watch with me. So I have what I like to call me nights. I may do a coconut oil soak on my hair or a face mask, but I’m always curled up on the couch in comfy clothes watching a movie or show. And we just added Amazon Prime to our subscriptions, so my movie selection is WAY better (If you haven’t seen the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, I recommend trying out your own Prime account free for 30 days at this link – She’s fantastic!).

If you need a list of movies to watch, check out 25 of my favorites.

13. Read at a Coffee Shop

Taking a book to a different place other than your couch just feels better. It’s like a mini-vacation that only costs $5 and some gas. Even if you don’t read (although I think there’s a book out there for everyone), you can always bring a magazine or journal with you. Just stay off your phone so that you’re still enjoying your own company.

14. Check Out the Farmer’s Market

We have a huge farmer’s market downtown, but I even like going to the neighborhood ones. There’s always good food, live music, local wine samples, and cute crafts at all the different booths. Bonus: You can do some grocery shopping (kill 2 birds kind of date).

15. Outdoor Concert

Really any concert will do, but an outdoor concert can be quite relaxing. You can bring a blanket or a chair and sit in the grass to listen. Even if you’ve never heard of the band, it will be a good time!

I also created a gift guide of my favorite girly gifts if you want to spoil yourself. The importance of a solo date is to take time for yourself and to build your self confidence. Try to make time for yourself at least once a month, but taking time every week would be fantastic!

I would love to see photos of your solo date! Tag This is Adult Life on social media when you’re out with your bad self.

Solo Date Ideas

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  • Michal

    Awww these are so great! I’ve been single for the past four years and soooo loving it. I honestly think I’m addicted. And it’s so so so important to develop your own self love and really take time to enjoy your own company. I even started my own blog about single life. Thanks so much for sharing!

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