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Water Detox Recipe to Help with Bloating

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About once a month, I feel thick through my middle. When this happens, I have an awesome water detox recipe to clear my system and help combat bloating. According to Healthline, when you drink enough water, it helps your body stop holding onto water weight. Which is awesome, because excess water weight can have a negative effect of making you feel fatter (Anyways it does for me).

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Here is my go-to water detox recipe to help decrease bloating:

1. Cucumber- Works as a Natural Diuretic

2. Lemon- Loosens Toxins in Digestive Tract & Aids in Digestion

3. Limes- Loosens Toxins in Digestive Tract & Aids in Digestion

4. Orange- Aids in Digestion

5. Mint Leaf- Adds a Bit of Sweetness

6. 64oz Water- I refill the water as I go using the same slices, but you can make a pitcher in advance with more slices. However, I notice the water tastes more bitter.

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I normally cut up a couple of slices of each and put them in a traveling mug for the day (Also, whatever I put in first determines the flavor. So I like to start with the orange). The goal is to drink 64oz every day for a week to help lose the bloat. You should get this 30oz tumbler so you only have to remember to drink 2 all day –!

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