Low Maintenance Girl's Guide to Makeup Brushes

The Low Maintenance Girl’s Guide to Makeup Brushes

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I need a guide to makeup brushes, like I need a car manual. Most of my friends are OBSESSED with buying and putting on makeup, where I’m over here just trying to look presentable during the day. Seeing Instagram posts filled with makeup palettes and gobs of brushes confuses me, mostly because I don’t know how you’d find time to wear all of these different kinds of makeup– I also thought MOTD had something to do with moms for the longest time LOL! 😀

Luckily, my makeup friends have been very helpful in making sure I have enough makeup to look decent. They were even kind enough to get me a guide to makeup brushes that I should purchase. However, I’m a low maintenance girl, so I didn’t think I needed all of them. If you want to know what makeup brushes are must-haves, these are the 5 I recommend. The others I think you can pass up, if you aren’t looking to start a collection.

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The Low Maintenance Girl’s Guide to Makeup Brushes:

1. Concealer Brush

Low Maintenance Girl's Guide to Makeup Brushes

If you have acne or dark circles that you’re looking to cover up, you need a concealer brush. I used to use my finger but A– that gets more dirt in my pores and B– the brush does a better job blending the concealer in with my actual skin. If you don’t use concealer, you can dip the concealer brush in your foundation for the same effect. (Also, if you have acne, check out my favorite face masks for acne.)

I like to use BareMineral’s concealer brush, because it has a flat round head. This makes it easier to blend and doesn’t remove the makeup, so I have a more coverage. It’s also really easy to clean!

2. Foundation Brush

Low Maintenance Guide to Makeup Brushes

This brush is dependent on the type of foundation you use. I like to use a compressed powder, and I want a fuller coverage, so I use a brush like this that has stiffer bristles. I think that the fluffy brushes cause too much of a mess and they provide too sheer of a coverage for me.

My best guide to makeup brushes for foundation would be to look at the coverage you’re looking for and the type of makeup you use. Sheer coverage with a powder would be great for a soft face brush. Liquid foundations work great with foundation brushes that have a circle in the middle to put a little bit of makeup. Compressed powders and fuller coverage options are better for harder or precision shaped face brushes.

3. Bronzer/Blush Brush

Low Maintenance Guide to Makeup Brushes

Depending on whether you only wear one or the other, will depend on whether you can use just 1 brush here. Most months of the year, I’m paler so I tend to only use a blush brush. However, during the summer months, I will wear a bronzer to compliment my darker skin tone.

The key to a good blush brush would be to have an angle like this one. It helps you place the powder on the area of your cheekbone that you want. You can use a similar style for bronzers, or you can use a big fluffy brush to blend it with your foundation more. All that matters is you try to contour.

4. Blender Eye Shadow Brush

Low Maintenance Guide to Makeup Brushes

This was a brush that my friend gave me, and it’s probably one of my favorites for eyes. I used to use an eye shadow brush that had a smaller head, but this one is SO MUCH better to blend with. It’s also easy to cheat with shading only using one eye shadow color.

If you’re trying to keep your makeup brushes to a minimum, a recommend just buying a blender brush over an eye shadow brush.

5. Eyeliner Brush

Low Maintenance Guide to Makeup Brushes

I’m not very good at putting my eyeliner on straight. I’m also not so great at getting it super close to my eye. So an eyeliner brush is perfect for smudging in the spots I miss. I also like that it blends the harsh line, because I don’t like to look like I’m wearing too much eyeliner.

There are eyeliner brushes that have very thin heads that are great for liquid liner. But if you’re looking for something that will help your liner out, you’re going to want a thicker head like this precision eyeliner brush. It’s a more low maintenance trick to eyeliner.

I’ve used BareMinerals brushes for 10 years, so I’m a little biased towards them– Mostly because that’s where I buy my makeup. But Amazon has a variety of great brands and prices for makeup brushes that are everything you’d ever want.

I know that there are TONS of other brushes and that other makeup people will tell me that I need to own more brushes (Or that I’m using my current brushes incorrectly). But I’m looking for a LOW MAINTENANCE girl’s guide to makeup brushes because I want to do my makeup in 5 minutes, and then be on my merry way.

The Low Maintenance Girl's Guide to Makeup Brushes



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