Best Drugstore Hair Products

Penny Pincher’s Guide to the Best Drugstore Hair Products

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I love getting my hair done and feeling how soft and luscious the salon products feel. However, I don’t love when they tell me how much all those products cost to bring them home with me. Instead of using up all these products (I still have them to use once a week), I pick up drugstore hair products to use between my salon products. This way I can save some money AND still have the beautiful hair I want.

If you’ve found yourself in my shoes, wanting beautiful hair but not looking to spend a fortune, I have found some of the best drugstore hair products to swap out. These are actual products that I use, which I heard about through research and trying out the Allure Beauty award suggestions. So I can vouch that these are actually worth buying.

Best Drugstore Hair Products to save money

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Penny Pincher’s Guide to the Best Drugstore Hair Products:

Shampoo & Conditioner-

I have dry hair that tends to have split ends (What girl doesn’t that uses hot tools to style their hair, am I right?), so I tend to look for products that help repair my hair. There are 2 FANTASTIC shampoos and conditioners that I like to use. But I know that when you use drugstore hair products that the hair can coated and create build-up, so I also use my salon shampoo & conditioner once a week. These are the two I recommend:

 Pantene Pro-V Repair and Protect

 L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5

Both of these products smell great and help reduce the damaged appearance of my hair. I also have WAY less frizz, which is a lifesaver. And both sets are around $15, which will last me about two months to go through vs. the $45 for the salon shampoo and conditioner.

BB Cream for Hair-

There’s like 20 things we want to change in our hair: dry, dull, frizz, heat protect, etc, etc. And I like to buy less products than more, so I invest in a BB cream. It’s only $5 and it does similar things to my 21 spray bottle from Pureology.

 Pantene BB Cream

I put two tiny pumps in my hair after my shower and let me hair air dry. Then I have less styling PLUS if I add a smoothing cream, I can sometimes leave the house without doing anything else to my hair. And I’m really into low maintenance beauty routines.

Heat Protectant-

I curl my hair about every other day, so I need to make sure I’m using a heat protectant on it. When I’m using my 21 Pureology spray, I can technically get away without using one, but if it’s been a few days since I put that in my hair, I will still use a heat spray.

 TRESemme Heat Protectant Spray

I’ve been using this spray for 10 years and struggle to find a comparison to it. This includes using oils, which I feel like don’t protect my hair as well, and when I tend to experience more damage. Since I rarely blow dry my hair, I use this heat spray for curling or straightening. When I am blow drying my hair though, I tend to be in a hurry and that’s when I’ll use L’Oreal’s Quick Blow Dry it spray, because it works like Redken’s Pillow Proof but for WAY less.

Hair Smoothing Serum-

My biggest headache with my hair is having frizz. Thankfully, my hair stylist friend introduced me to a smoothing cream that I can buy at Target.

Bed Head After Party

I use one pump to cover my hair, which is pretty long, and it removes frizz. This is great when I wear my 2nd day hair in a ponytail or for when I freshly wash my hair and don’t want to style it. It’s seriously my favorite. 🙂

I know that salon quality products are more costly for a reason, but I don’t see why drugstore hair products can’t be used between the salon ones. Especially when you’re wanting to save some money on your beauty routine. I know that these products work great, and if that means saving me money, it’s even better!

Best Drugstore Hair Products to save money

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