Best Dog Toys for Destructible Chewers
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10 Best Dog Toys for Your Destructible Chewer

Our golden retriever has turned into a murderer. He’s a 70 pound puppy that LOVES to rip apart his dog toys in search of squeakers and stuffing. So my house gets littered with remnants of all the adorable plush toys we’ve bought him

Now we’ve decided to let him wander around with the surviving carcasses, because buying new dog toys gets expensive! He has 10 toys, however, that have been the best dog toys against our destructive chewer. If you’re looking for durable dog toys (that aren’t all ugly), these are the one that have worked great for us.

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10 Best Dog Toys for Your Destructible Chewer:

1. KONG Wild Knots Bear

Best Dog Toys for Destructible Chewers

This little guy is adorable and reminded me of the bear in Toy Story 3. He has rope through his body, which helps make him durable despite being a plush dog toy. Although, Brandon did rip his ear and discover some stuffing (Even after I fixed him twice), so it was all downhill after that. The little bear survived a couple of months in our house in tact before Bran started carrying around his skeleton.

2. Cotton Ropes

Best Dog Toys for Destructible Chewers

Bran used to have a t-shirt rope that he LOVED, but eventually unraveled and tore apart. So we bought this collection of cotton ropes to replace it. These are some of the best dog toys AND help clean his teeth! We’ve had them for 4 months and he hasn’t even made a ding. He also plays with all of them so I swap out a rope when he won’t let go of the other. These are perfect for your arm workout, too!

3. KONG Squiggles Toy

Best Dog Toys for Destructible Chewers

We bought the elephant and he lasted a long time through all our games of tug of war (Bran doesn’t like to play fetch as much as keep away). The stretchiness in the body allowed him to pull without doing too much damage. However, this little guy was decapitated when the trunk sprouted some stuffing and when Bran REALLY wanted to eat the squeaker in the tail. But if you’re looking for cute plush dog toys, you know that they don’t last as long as the hard rubber.

4. KONG Classic Toy

This is a classic for a reason! Definitely one of the best dog toys for destructible chewers. We’ve had the same one for over a year, and Bran hasn’t left a scratch. We normally fill it with a treat and peanut butter, then freeze the toy for when he needs to be distracted for 30 minutes–If it’s not frozen, it lasts for about 5 minutes.

5. Duckworth

Best Dog Toys for Destructible Chewers

We have purchased two of these ducks because they’re ADORABLE and Bran loves him. Also, the duck’s listed on Amazon as one of the best dog toys. The only downside is he has a squeaker, so our current duck doesn’t have a face. The first one lasted about 8 or 9 months while Bran was a puppy, but this one only lasted about 2 months before becoming headless. Brandon still carries him, headless and all, around the house and loves to chew on him.

6. Wishbone Chew Toy

Best Dog Toys for Destructible Chewers

This is one of Brandon’s first chew toys and it’s STILL kicking almost a year later. It probably has led to a few scratches in our floor, but Bran scratches them the worst so I can’t fault the toy. He didn’t really start chewing on it until closer to a year, so the ends are a little gnawed on. There’s a ways to go until he gets to the middle though.

7. KONG Flyer

Best Dog Toys for Destructible Chewers

Bran won’t fetch a ball as much as he’ll bring a Frisbee back. We used to have the hard plastic ones, but they kept chipping and cutting our hands at the dog park, so this one was recommended to us. It’s weird at first, especially when you’re used to a normal Frisbee, because it’s flimsy. However, it DOES fly really well and he’s not making any chips in it.

8. Durable Dog Wood Chew Toy

Best Dog Toys for Destructible Chewers

If it has the word ‘Durable’ in it, it’s good, right? Not always the truth, but it is in this case. We had a small one when Bran was a little puppy, then we bought him the larger one after a year because the other was just a nub. He loves to chew on it and it lasts waaay longer than a rawhide.

9. Hyper Pet Chew Toy

Best Dog Toys for Destructible Chewers

Bran likes to play keep away with balls and will also entertain himself with them– Either by throwing them down the stairs or kicking them around the house. We find the best dog toys to be the rubber balls over tennis balls, because he can tear through a tennis ball pretty quick. And for Bran, a ball is a ball. He’ll play with anything.

10. KONG Lion Dog Toy

Best dog toys for Destructible Chewers

I like to buy stuffed animals for Bran more than the hard plastic because they’re so cute. When I find a brand that can last longer than a week, I think it’s a great purchase! And Kong just creates the best dog toys because they tend to last longer for larger dog breeds. You have to admit, this little guy is freaking adorable. 🙂

I haven’t met many large dog breeds that aren’t destructible chewers. But I still want Bran to have adorable toys, and these are some of my favorites. Let me know if you have any other ideas for the best dog toys for your destructible chewer. Squeakers and stuffing are optional 😉

Also, if your dog’s a big fan of tug of war with his toys, try my arm workout to tone up while playing with your pup. Win win for both of you!

Best Dog Toys for Destructible Chewers

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