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The Best Way to Clean Muddy Paws

The weather is warmer and everything has started to melt here, which is GREAT! Except we have a dog that needs to be let out and tracks his muddy paws in the house. We have a rule right now that we go out to go potty and come right back, so the level of mud doesn’t extend to his whole body. (Ain’t nobody got time for baths every day!)

How to clean muddy paws
This is how our yard looks after a couple of days of melting. I didn’t want to show you, but I wanted you to see the level of muddy paws we’re dealing with. LOL

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The Best Way to Clean Muddy Paws:

Instead of getting rid of the dog–because naturally we love him–we had to figure out a way to clean his muddy paws during the spring.

Towels won’t work by themselves.

We used to use these microfiber mitts to wipe his paws. Those worked great while he was a smaller puppy and it was just a little water on his paws. But now that he’s over 80 pounds, he gets deep mud under his nails and dirt all the way up to his elbows. (That’s if dogs have elbows LOL).

Not only is the mud worse, but he likes to bite me when I try to clean his paws. It’s a game that only he is playing. We still use these mitts or a shammy, if it’s wet outside and isn’t muddy.

But spring melting calls for a whole nother level for cleaning muddy paws.

Introducing the Mudbuster Paw Cleaner.

How to Clean Muddy Paws
It comes in 3 colors but we chose the blue. We also had to buy the large cup because Bran is a beast.

It was at the moment of final frustration that I stumbled upon this nifty little device. I was on the 4th day in a row of mopping our dark wood floors, and hearing the news say 3 more days of rain were expected. If aging doesn’t turn my hair gray, being a mom might one day.

I found the Mudbuster Paw cleaner on Amazon and ordered it Prime to get it ASAP. Bran was a little skeptical when it first came out of the box (He’s going through a phase right now where he hates things in packaging). After 1st use though, I was pleasantly pleased.

How to use the muddy paw cleaner.

  1. Fill the cup 1/2 full of water, at most.
  2. Plunge paw in one at a time
  3. Dip paw up and down inside cup for 3-4 strokes
  4. Dry paw with towel
  5. Repeat for all 4 muddy paws

My favorite time to use this cleaner is after the dog park when Bran is really muddy. We keep the cup filled in the garage with a towel and a treat for when we get home. That way none of the mud tracks into the house.

Seriously, if you have muddy paws coming into your house, you need to get the paw cleaning cup. It’s the best thing to do for your cleaning sanity!

How to clean muddy paws

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