How to Make Spring Flower Arrangements
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How to Make Spring Flower Arrangements for only $10

With February almost behind us, it’s FINALLY time to start thinking about warmer weather. And fingers crossed you’ve already taken down your Christmas decorations. If you haven’t, maybe these fun spring flower arrangements will have you thinking Easter and convince yourself to stow the others.

I went to the Dollar Tree over the weekend to find inspiration for my Spring and Easter decor. And $10 later, I came up with these Spring flower arrangements. There’s a gap between our cupboards where I have strung garland and I want to use the flower arrangements for a pop of color when we have people over later for Easter. Here’s how I created them.

How to Make Spring Flower Arrangements

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How to Make Spring Flower Arrangements for only $10:

1. Collect your fake flowers.

How to Make Spring Flower Arrangements

I chose to use hydrangeas and carnations in my flower arrangements, but you can see all of their flower options here. I will say that the carnations filled the foam block better than the hydrangeas, so think about the space when you’re purchasing your flowers. You should need about 3 bundles of flowers per each foam block.

I bought my floral foam at the Dollar Tree, but you can also get it at any of your arts and crafts store. It just might be more than a dollar for 2. 😉

2. Remove the heads of your flowers.

How to Make Spring Flower Arrangements

I wanted my Spring flower arrangements to be floral balls that I could tuck in, so I removed all the heads of my flowers. It’s really easy to do because the heads are created to be detached from stem. Then I threw away the stems and sorted the flower heads evenly into 4 piles–which was the number of foams I was trying to cover.

3. Hot glue the flowers to the foam.

How to Make Spring Flower Arrangements

I used the flowers to poke a small hole in the foam where I wanted them to lay. Then I filled the holes with hot glue. This is where the fullness of the flower affects how many you need to put on the floral block. I had one of my blocks have a hodgepodge of flowers, because I didn’t think of the space needed to fill the hydrangeas.

4. Fluff the flower and put them on display.

How to Make Spring Flower Arrangements

Once you have all the heads glued to the foam, then you will need to fluff the petals to make sure you don’t have any empty space. If you don’t want to put them with garland, it would be pretty to hot glue them to candlesticks for floral arrangements, too. (I was thinking wedding decorations for later!)

I was very happy with how my Easter flower arrangements turned out. And more impressed with how easy it was! I’ve been perusing more of their Easter store at the Dollar Tree, and am thinking of trying my hand at redoing their bunnies and eggs for table arrangements. If you want to get your creative juices flowing, check out their Easter store here.

How to Make Spring Flower Arrangements

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