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How to Shop for a Toilet Like a Boss

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There was another homeowner lesson this weekend in our household. We had a leaking toilet (Or so we thought). However, when we tried to replace the wax ring, we quickly discovered that our toilet tank was cracked. Which is how we decided to shop for a toilet on a Sunday.

I have never been a toilet shopper before, and I didn’t realize the amount of undertaking that would take place. You can’t just walk into a store and pick up a toilet (Trust me, I tried). There are SO MANY different kinds and they’re not at eye-level for you to get a good look at them.

How are you supposed to shop for a toilet if you can’t even sit on one? That is a question I had to tackle this weekend, and where I discovered the five important things to look for when you shop for a toilet. So that you’re not left in the outhouse (Ha! Really wanted to use a pun, guys), you will want to ask yourself these questions before shopping for a toilet yourself.

How to Shop for a Toilet

How to Shop for a Toilet Like a Boss:

Know your toilet color.

I would like to think that biscuit and white are the only colors of a toilet, but if you shop for a toilet online, you can find infinite color options like avocado and blue. I’m a classic toilet shopper and wanted a simple white color. Be sure to note what color your current toilet/tub combo is, so that your new toilet matches.

Choose an appropriate height for your toilet.

A standard toilet height from floor to lid is around 17-19″. When you shop, however, the box lists the height for the WHOLE toilet between 30-32″. I would suggest measuring your current toilet height to make sure you don’t get anything too short. If you can find, and can spend a little extra, you should go for a “comfort height” toilet. This is a slightly taller toilet that sits higher, like a chair. 🙂

Free Printable before you shop for a toilet

Determine the shape of the bowl you like.

The 2 common bowl shapes are round or elongated. We used to have a round bowl, which is pretty standard. But we just bought an elongated bowl and it’s a game changer! If you have boys, even big boys, the elongated bowl makes it easier for them to get it all in. So less mess for you to clean up later!

Pick the perfect seat.

Most toilets are going to come with entry-grade plastic, hard slammin’ lids for seats. This can feel lightweight and cheap, especially if you’d purchased a nicer one for your last toilet. Even if you get a more cost-effective toilet, you can always purchase a new seat separately. Important things to look for are the shape (Going off the bowl you chose), soft-closing capability, and the material it’s made of, when you shop for a toilet.

Pay attention to the handle.

This is less a functionality, and completely a design preference. But I suggest paying attention to the handle type and placement when you shop for a toilet. We were looking down the aisles of option and I eliminated TONS of them solely based off the handle choice. Maybe I’m too picky, but I don’t want a funny-looking handle or a wacky handle placement on my new toilet. It’ll drive me crazy every time I’m in the bathroom.

Honestly, shopping for the toilet was harder than installing it. But if you know these 5 things before you go, then you won’t struggle as much. To help you keep track of the information, I created a handy guide for you to download on the Free Printables page–you can access it here. May your porcelain throne be all you’ve ever hoped for. Happy shopping!

Free Printable before you shop for a toilet

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