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12 Solo Dates to Cure You of the Winter Blues

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I would hibernate all winter if people would let me. But I know that I need to go out into the world every now and then (mostly for food). To pull myself from hibernation mode, I will schedule solo dates to pull myself out of the winter blues.

As you know from reading other articles (Like how to have the perfect solo date at home), solo dates are a GREAT way to spend time getting to know yourself and to build your confidence. Doing things out of your element can also encourage you to open up and meet new people that you may not have if you’d stay home every night. I KNOW it’s harder to enjoy going out when it’s cold, but it can also be depressing staying in all the time. In order to pull you out of your winter slump, here are 12 solo dates to try today!

Solo Dates

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12 Solo Dates to Cure You of the Winter Blues:

1. Sweatpants Night In

I know I said that we’d be going out, but this one is a good way to ease yourself in to at least hanging out alone. It also may be too cold to venture out. Instead put on some comfy sweats (try out the ones below), then find a movie to watch. If you want some ideas for movies, you can check out my list of 25 on Netflix (You should especially watch number 19!). The only thing you’re missing is your drink of choice!

2. Art Museum Day

The special exhibits at the art museum change on at least a quarterly basis, but even their permanent collection can be enjoyable to look at. I love to walk around to the specific rooms and look at the beautiful works from forever ago, especially impressionist paintings. It's fun when you see pieces by people that you've heard of like Picasso or Renoir, even if they're small and less famous art pieces. Bonus: A lot of art museums are even FREE, which is my favorite kind of deal.

3. Live Acoustics at a Coffee Shop

Coffee and cocoa are 2 of my favorite beverages in the winter because it's COLD! I love to go to a local coffee shop to read, work or journal, but it's even better if there's live music playing. That's like seeing an up-and-coming Ed Sheeran for free in your local cafe!

4. Salsa Dancing Class

I grew up a dancer and still love to dance, but I never find anyone--especially a boy--that wants to go with me. But there are places that offer dance classes just for that reason. We have a bar near me that has salsa dancing on Thursdays and a group of ballroom dancers on Fridays, so I'm sure if you look on your local events site you can find an event near you.

5. Indoor Farmer's Market

I absolutely LOVE to go to the farmer's market. We walk around and eat their food while visiting all of the booths, even stopping for wine samples at 8AM. However, the farmer's market doesn't end just because it's cold outside! There are indoor markets that still offer produce and some different crafts that you don't see in the summer months.

6. Matinee Movie Time

I love going to a matinee because the ticket price is normally half and there tends to be less people. I know for some people it can feel awkward to go to a movie alone, especially if it's a full theater. However, during a matinee, it's totally fine! Lots of people go alone at that time so you won't be the only one. Bonus: you don't have to share your popcorn or listen to anyone talk through the scenes!

7. Reading by an Author

Libraries and book stores invite authors, some of them even famous, to come and read to a group of people. There's a discussion about a certain topic or their latest book. If you're looking for more intellectual solo dates, this should be right up your alley! Who knows, you may even find a new book to read that you've never considered before.

8. Jazz Happy Hour

Just like going to the movies alone, it can feel odd to go to a bar by yourself. However, A LOT of people go to happy hours by themselves. Mostly because people are just leaving work and want a nice drink before heading home. Check out your local bar specials or switch it up and try an interesting theme, like a happy hour at the jazz bar.

9. Try a Stout at a Brewery

Like I said, I like coffee and cocoa to drink in the winter. Which can be interpreted to read, I love to drink dark beers in the winter, because I do. There's definitely something romantic about sipping a creamy nitro stout at my local brewery while the snow falls. It's like the opener to one of the holiday romance movies I love to watch!

10. Sale Shopping at Your Favorite Store

January is the BEST time to shop sales, like the semi-annual sale at Victoria's Secret. The retailers are trying to get rid of their winter collections before the spring shipments come in February. But we still have a couple months left of winter. So go to your favorite store for some new cozy sweaters and scarves!

11. Salon Pamper Day

The winter can be killer to our hair, even if we follow winter beauty tips. Don't let your hair go dull and dry, or leave your nail beds cracked, until spring. Take yourself for a salon day. Maybe even try out a new color or cut to switch up your look! Great way to pull yourself from the winter blues.

12. Visit the Science Center

Just like the art center, the science center doesn't sound like something you'd want to do in July as much. But when it's cold, it's nice to find events inside. They also have rotating exhibits that can be fun to visit, like a traveling T-Rex exhibit! Ours even has a 21 and over night, which I'm all for a drink with my science.

Solo dates are a fun way to go out with yourself, even in the winter. You never know who you'll meet when you get out of your comfort zone or even what you'll learn! And for more solo dates, check out my list of 15 fun solo date ideas.

Winter Solo Dates

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