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Top 10 Most Forgotten Items From Your Spring Cleaning List

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It’s Spring cleaning time in our house right now. Even though we keep a relatively clean home all year long, there are certain things that only get cleaned once or twice a year that I put on our Spring cleaning list.

If it’s that time of year in your household, you may have created a Spring cleaning list, too. Common things we put on the list are washing the bedding, cleaning the shelves of the fridge, dusting the ceiling fans, etc. However, there are some important things that need to be cleaned, but may have been forgotten. Here are ten items you may have left off your Spring cleaning list but shouldn’t.

Top 10 Things for your Spring Cleaning List

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Top 10 Most Forgotten Items From Your Spring Cleaning List:

1. Curtains- Both for your windows and your showers

Normally, we do lots of laundry, since we have 3 sets of bedding and random throw pillows throughout the house. While I’m doing all of this laundry, I make sure to grab the curtains, too.

The exterior shower curtain and drapes should be able to be washed on a normal cycle, but you will need to check the tags or fabric type to make sure they won’t shrink in the wash. The clear liner in the shower, however, will need to be washed separately. I use 1 cup of white vinegar and run a normal cycle in the washer to clean the liners, then hang them to dry.

2. Windows- Both the glass and track

Our windows have gotten really cloudy over the winter, so I’m excited to get outside and clean them– Just need to wait for the weather to be warmer. I use my Norwex Envirocloth to clean the exterior and interior of the window glass. For the exterior, I wrap them around the mop head so I can reach all of the corners.

(The Norwex cloth is great to clean with because you just need water and can do the whole house with 1 cloth. You can get a Norwex Enviro and Window Cloth set here, if you haven’t already bought them.)

To clean the track, I fill a bucket with hot water and Pinesol. And to get deep in the grooves, I’ll use a butter knife to help me.

3. Vents & Walls

We all know that children touch walls, but we are just as guilty. Since you already have a bucket of water out, it’s easy to wipe down the walls. I do my whole walls once a year, but in the heavily trafficked areas, I will do them more often throughout the year.

Pro tip: Wrap your cloth around a mop head (the kind with hard plastic, like a Swiffer) to easily reach up to the ceiling.

While you’re cleaning the walls, you’re going to want to clean the vent too! I like to take them off the wall and rinse them in water, but you can also use your butter knife and rag to clean the grates, too.

4. Baseboards & Doors

We are going to need that water bucket for awhile. Another thing once per year to clean, are the baseboards of your house. We’re fortunate to have oak trim, so you can’t see dust collecting as quickly. If you have white trim, like we have in our bathroom, I would clean that more regularly because the dust build-up is visible.

For my white trim and doors, I wipe the surfaces closer to monthly or every other month. Especially when you can see the oils transferred from our hands from opening the doors so many times.

5. Handles & Switches

Like with the doors and walls, everything we touch gets grimy. Wipe the surface of all of your door handles and switches either with your enviro cloth or a Clorox wipe. It’s kind of disgustingly awesome to see the difference when you finish.

The only 2 items you need to clean your Spring Cleaning List
The only 2 things I need to clean my whole house. Love it! đŸ™‚

6. Trash Can- Both inside and out

The trash bin can be a MAJOR source of foul smells and generally quite disgusting. You will need to make sure it’s on your Spring cleaning list for sure!

I try to wipe the exterior of all my trash cans quarterly, especially if you can see things on the outside (anyone else ever see a mysterious liquid trail on their trash can? It’s gross). Then I will hose out the inside of the trash can outside and turn it over to dry.

7. Inside Your Oven

I’m sure many of you keep the outside of your ovens clean. It’s a daily clean in our house when we clean the counters from cooking dinner. But the inside is different.

Food can be caked on, literally, from cooking all year in your oven. Surprisingly the self-cleaning ovens do an awesome job! But you will also want to clean the racks in the sink with soap and water, wipe out the bottom, and clean the inside of the door, too.

8. Washer & Dryer

It’s always funny when you have to clean the things that do the cleaning for us. We have a new top loading washer and lately we’ve been getting an influx of white build-up on our dark clothing (SUPER annoying, even after a deep wash). So it’s the perfect time to clean our washer!

To clean, you will need 2 cups of white vinegar on a normal, hot cycle–I use the clean cycle for ours, since it has one. That’s it! So easy.

Then I’ll vacuum the lint trap in the dryer and out the back to make sure we don’t have any buildup creating issues. Especially since we have so much dog fur! Also be sure to wipe down all the doors and surfaces, if you aren’t already.

9. Coffee Pot

If you read our clogged sink debacle, you know that coffee can be a problem in the home. Make sure that you’re cleaning your coffee pot or Keurig, at least once a year, if not more depending on your level of use.

We have a Keurig that we take apart to clean, but we also need to descale it. This is when we’ll need our friend, white vinegar (Seriously, if you have white vinegar and a Norwex enviro cloth, you can clean your whole house, top to bottom).

Fill the water reservoir with 2 parts vinegar and 1 part water. Run the cycle until it’s empty. Then fill the reservoir again, and run it until it’s empty. That way it’s clean and there’s no lingering vinegar taste.

10. Vacuum

Just like the washer, you need to clean the things that help you clean. Take your vacuum apart and rinse all the pieces. Make especially sure you’re cleaning the filter often, because that’s where the dust buildup occurs.

I hope you’ve added these items to your Spring cleaning list. So that I don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning I need to do, I’ll break up my list over a few weeks. My favorite part is having an extra clean home when I’m all done.

And seriously, if you want an easy, chemical-free way to clean your home, get a Norwex enviro cloth. I have one for every part of my home and LOVE that I can clean the whole house in 2 hours. It’s the most amazing cleaning purchase I ever made.

Top 10 Spring Cleaning List

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