Life Hack: 6 College Success Tips

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It’s important to know college success tips before attending school. It’s even MORE important to stick to those tips throughout school. College is one of the most amazing experiences of your life. You meet so many new people, have experiences you’ve never had before, and get an education that will benefit your future (It’s the reason you’re going, right?).

I am a firm believer that you can have it all in college if you set yourself up for success. You CAN go out with your friends on a Tuesday and ace your exams on Wednesday. The best strategy is to write out your goals for what you want to accomplish in your four years. Know the things you want to achieve, the GPA you want to get, the job you want after graduation, and any experiences you want to have before graduation. It will make implementing these college success tips that more vital to your future.

Use these 6 college success tips, while still having the best 4 years of your life:

College Success Tips

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Six College Success Tips:

1. Attend Class

My major required attendance (It counted for 30% of our grade!), so this was an easy one for me. I don’t mean it was easy to get up for an 8AM after going out the night before, but I always made sure to go to class and nap later.

This is something I would strongly recommend you do as well. Some professors have participation points you can only earn by attending class or they will hold pop quizzes. It may seem like a minor amount you’d be skipping, but if you get a zero on a third of your grade, your test scores will have to be phenomenal to pass! Make sure to attend class and pay attention. The information will be worth your time. And if you need help getting a full night’s sleep before class, check out my full night sleep tips.

2. Manage Your Time

Sometimes I feel like professors get together and think of ways to make their students stress out. I would have 3 HUGE projects all due the exact same week (By huge, I mean they’d each have over 50hrs worth of work invested in them). Being able to complete things on time wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t manage my time.

For time management, I had 3 color-coded planners. That might be a little excessive. A planner is a great choice to use during the school year. But planners are only helpful if you use them. Be sure to keep track of major projects, know when tests are coming up, and look at your weekly workload ahead of time so you don’t end up scrambling last minute to finish things.

3. Budget Your Social Life

My favorite part (And probably why a lot of people go to college) is meeting new people from all over. I love socializing at the coffee shop, with friends in my dorm, and attending parties. But college HAS to be more than just one big party.

If you’re looking ahead at your planner for your weekly workload, you will know the days that you’re going to need to take time to focus and study. Be sure to put your studies first, then socialize when you’re finished. Also, be sure to socialize and get out of your dorm. Getting amazing grades and doing well is great, but meeting new people and networking is life.

4. Find Study Groups or Like Minded People

Hanging out with people in your major or same classes helps you talk through the information and learn better. You can ask questions that they may know the answers to or voice your frustrations if you are seriously struggling on a topic. These groups help hold you accountable and motivate you. Also, you never know where these connections might lead you in life.

5. Take Studying & Homework Seriously

Even if you’re someone that doesn’t normally have to study, or you believe that a lot of homework is given as busy work (It probably is, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s homework), you still need to be serious. A lot of the things you’re learning in school are setting you up to be successful in your future career. And you should be taking your future career seriously. If you need help choosing a career path, ask yourself these critical questions to narrow down your choices.

6. Have Fun

With all of this studying and being serious, it can be easy to forget that college is FUN! Go out, meet people, destress, and love your life. You’re an official adult but you don’t have the worries and stress that will come post-graduation. Some people say that high school is the best four years, but that’s only because they didn’t go to college.

Study abroad, make lasting connections, and take time to appreciate where you are in this moment. Soon you’re going to blink and be wearing the cap and gown. Thankfully, you’ll be prepared because you followed these college success tips. And if you want more college tips, check out my article on living a healthy life in college.

Six College Success Tips
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  • Sarah

    >4. Find Study Groups or Like Minded People

    Listen to this one, people! I missed out on so many potential friendships because I passed up on study groups. I was a total introvert but now I realize that even a shy person like me could’ve easily made friends just by getting in on study groups.

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