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2021 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

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Struggling with what to get for your girlfriend this Christmas? The list of Christmas gifts below should give you plenty of ideas to make sure that your girlfriend loves her gift.

In buying your girlfriend a thoughtful Christmas present, you want to show her that you appreciate her. If you have the money, then you can do this by giving her something that she’s going to be able to use and cherish for years to come. And buying her the right gift will also make sure you get lots of brownie points.

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1. Gifts for the girlfriend who likes a little luxury

One gift that you could get for your girlfriend is a silk pillowcase. These pillowcases are extremely comfortable, and allow her to get a fantastic night’s sleep. 

Additionally, they don’t retain as many oils as a traditional pillowcase, meaning that she’s going to have much clearer skin by sleeping on these. Silk pillowcases are a great gift for your girlfriend as they are also easy on her hair which will leave her with less tangles in the morning.

This 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is a great option.

You can even go the extra mile and get some full blown 100% Mulberry Silk Sheets.

2. Gifts for the girlfriend who likes comfort

If your girlfriend is into a more low key kind of comfort, get her some high quality jogger pants, which she can wear just about anywhere. The best jogging pants should be comfortable enough to wear casually at home, but also stylish and functional enough to wear to the gym. 

If you really want to get a good pair of pants, try to get some that have deep pockets like these Women’s Cozy Joggers. It’s something guys don’t realize, but proper sized pockets are a rare commodity in girls clothes. 

3. Gifts for the adventurous girlfriend

If your girlfriend is more adventurous and likes to do some high adrenaline activities, or is a keen traveler, get her a GoPro.

GoPros are wearable cameras that are great for documenting a variety of activities. They record in high definition and she’ll be able to relive all of the fun things that she did right there at home.

These can be worn on roller coasters, while mountain biking or road biking, on a hike, and so much more. I used my GoPro to record swimming with turtles, seals and more in the Galapagos, and I still love watching back over those videos.

4. Classic gifts for your girlfriend

If you’d prefer to go with a safe, classic option, then buy your girlfriend a beautiful new handbag. A new handbag is almost always going to be appreciated – especially if she hasn’t gotten a new one in some time. 

Show her you have put some thought into it by getting one similar to an old favorite that has nearly worn out, or by picking a handbag that matches the color of her favorite shoes.

If you get something from a well-known brand, then she’ll be getting quite a few compliments on it, so don’t be afraid to get something a bit higher on the price range. My favorite higher-end handbags are by Kate Spade, the quality is excellent and they just look fantastic.

And if you want to splurge why not add a Matching Wallet.

5. Gifts for the girlfriend who loves being at home

Finally, for the girl that loves lounging around the house, which is something we’ve all had to do a lot of this year, you can get her some comfortable slippers.

Get something that has a nice soft inner lining, plenty of padding, and insulation for those cold winter days.

These Cozy Slippers are my pick of the bunch. The price is well worth it for the comfort, quality and natural materials. These can last for years, and are especially good gifts around the winter months. 

If you want to, add a nice robe that’s super soft and cozy to go with the slippers. This Plush Bathrobe is a winner everytime.

I hope this list of gifts for your girlfiend has given you some ideas that she will love. If you enjoyed this gift guide, check out some of my other gift guides here.

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