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    12 Solo Dates to Cure You of the Winter Blues

    I would hibernate all winter if people would let me. But I know that I need to go out into the world every now and then (Mostly for food). To pull myself from hibernation mode, I will schedule solo dates to pull myself out of the winter blues. As you know from reading other articles (Like how to have the perfect solo date at home), solo dates are a GREAT way to spend time getting to know yourself and to build your confidence. Doing things out of your element can also encourage you to open up and meet new people that you may not have if you’d stay home every…

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    How to Build Your Body Confidence in 5 Minutes

    Truly being confident and secure in my body has taken me over 6 years of practice to accomplish, and I still need to keep practicing. Whenever I’m feeling down though, I have a trick to boost my body confidence in only 5 minutes. If you want to know how to build your body confidence in just 5 minutes, then you need to grab a pen and paper. I LOVE Kate Spade’s notebook collection and a good felt tip pen, if you’re looking for some fun, new writing tools (Because who doesn’t love new writing supplies). You will also need to post up in front of a mirror for this exercise. Once…

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    8 Great Self Care Tips for When You’re Sick

    I have the cough that just won’t quit. So I’ve been researching self care tips for when you’re sick and resorting to crazy old wives tales (Slathering myself in a pound of Vicks over here). The ultimate goal when you’re sick is to get better and it would be awesome if it would happen quickly. You should always be practicing self care, but particularly when you’re sick. Self care allows to rejuvenate your body and assist your immune system in the healing process. If you find yourself feeling under the weather this year, take time to follow these self care tips. 8 Self Care Tips When You’re Sick: 1. Wash…

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    70 Positive Affirmations to Encourage You

    Loving myself is something I’ve been trying to practice on a daily basis. My body and my self-esteem feel better when I’m positive and say nice things about them. The best way I’ve found to do that is through saying positive affirmations. To boost your body confidence, have a greater self-worth, and to feel loved, you should practice saying positive affirmations, too. I have compiled a list of ones that I say to myself daily. Let me know if there are any powerful positive affirmations you use, too! 70 Positive Affirmations to Encourage You: Positive Affirmations on Love I am worthy of love I am loved I am free to…

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    25 Best Netflix Movies for Your Solo Date

    I love having me nights, especially when they involve hanging out on the couch. After you’ve removed your bra and put on some comfy sweatpants, pour yourself a glass of wine and check out one of these 25 best Netflix for a girl’s night in: Drawstring Waist Sweatpants Skinny Velvet Sweatpants Drawstring Marled Sweatpants  My post contains affiliate links. Clicking on one may result in a little extra for me at no cost to you! 25 Best Movies on Netflix for a Girl's Night in: Classic Chick flicks 1- Miss Congeniality- quirky FBI agent that gets a full makeover 2- 13 Going on 30- we all wished we were older…

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    How to Have the Perfect Solo Date at Home

    I have discovered the best recipe for a perfect solo date at home! If you have ever read about the 15 Solo Dates to take yourself on, you know I LOVE a good “me night”. This weekend I was able to have a solo date from home and it was the best. For me, staying in means no bra, cheap wine, and Netflix. But it also requires a little bit of pampering. Here’s what you’re going to need for the perfect solo date from home if you decide to have one tonight: My post contains affiliate links. Clicking on one may result in a little extra for me at no…

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    15 Solo Date Ideas to Try Today

    I love coming up with solo date ideas to go on. Even now that I have a boyfriend, I still enjoy taking myself out every now and then. Taking yourself out is a great way to get to know yourself more and to build body confidence. At first, it may feel awkward or there may only be a few things that you’re comfortable going to alone, but after some time you will look forward to solo dates. Here are 15 solo date ideas to try today: My post contains affiliate links. Clicking on one may result in a little extra for me at no cost to you! 15 Solo Date…

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    How to Build Body Confidence and Start Loving Your Body

    It took me until after college to start appreciating my body, and I STILL struggle with body confidence at times. I used to hate seeing images of myself on social media, or think I looked big when I stared at myself in the mirror. I know that I’m not alone in feeling like I need to change my body. Sadly, it’s an obsession in our society to be obsessed with our bodies and our weight. If you read the tips to being in the buff, you learned that I began to feel confident by being nude regularly. But that’s not the only way to build body confidence. Here are 3…

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    10 Childlike Traits Adults Should Keep

    We try to stifle our childlike traits as we age. Thinking that they will make us seem immature. When really some of those childlike traits are quite important to keep as adults. I remember sitting on the stairs with my brother making plans for when we were adults. We were going to get a sweet apartment where we could watch cartoons and eat sugary cereal on Saturdays. I was going to own my own clothing line and make thousands of dollars (Because a thousand dollars was a lot of money to my kid self). My post contains affiliate links. Clicking on one may result in a little extra for me at…

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    Body Confidence: 3 Benefits of Being in the Buff

    Who would’ve thought being in the buff would help build body confidence? When I was 25, I did a boudoir photoshoot (When you strip down to your skivvies and let people around you with a camera, for those that are asking). I want to be able to remember what I used to look like when I’m old and wrinkly. This was the biggest body confidence building thing I have ever done and I encourage everyone to try it. But I know that not everyone is comfortable taking their clothes off in front of other people. That’s ok! One day I would love for you to be, but you can always…