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    How to Meditate with a Racing Mind in 5 Minutes

    Last night, I needed to know how to meditate while my mind was racing. I kept tossing and turning. And tossing and turning. I couldn’t turn my thoughts off, between work and stress and general life despite REALLY wanting to go to bed. It was miserable. Does this ever happen to you? You look at the clock and see the precious minutes you have to sleep slowly fading away. However, you can’t turn on the light or get up and walk around because there’s someone next to you and you don’t want to wake them up, too. If you read my previous article, you know the tips to help you…

  • 3 Sleeping Tricks that will Change your Life
    Sleep & Meditation

    3 Sleeping Tricks that will Change your Life

    Being able to get a full night’s sleep as an adult is hard. In college, we could party until 5am and still roll out of bed for our 8am the next morning. And when we had a big exam, we could stay up all night studying just to get the ‘A’. All we needed was a pot of coffee or energy drink to keep us going. Now, we need some SERIOUS sleeping tricks to not feel like a zombie the next morning. Having a professional job and every day stressors that come with adulthood, has caused me to lose sleep at night. I will sit tossing and turning trying to…