About Brooke

About Brooke

Hi I’m Brooke VS!

Dog mom to 1 and loving girlfriend, I’m learning to meander this adult life of mine. I ABSOLUTELY love studying how to grow as a human and sharing my knowledge on personal development.

Since meeting my boyfriend as an unemployed writer, I have been trying to convince him to let me go back to living my dreams (Apparently, it’s “irresponsible” to just quit your full-time paying job on the hope of living your dreams).

THAT is why I started This is Adult Life!

I’m here to connect with all of you that have dreams in your life that you want to see come true. Here you will learn tips on finding your passion, overcoming your obstacles (Like perfectionism and fear), and find ways to be more productive.

But there’s more to our lives than just us–well that’s what I think my dog keeps trying to tell me when he brings me yet another toy.

There are also tips on learning to love and respect yourself, as well as, odds and ends on this millennial life of yours. I particularly love coming up with solo dates and body confidence tips for us (I even wrote a book about it!).

I want YOU to love your adult life!

I hope you find the articles helpful! If there’s ever anything you want to learn about, send me an email at bookevs.thisisadultlife@gmail.com. I love to connect with you!







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