About Brooke

Hi I’m Brooke Van Sickle!

I write middle grade novels about fashion designers–well, I wish that’s ALL I did. But sadly, I also have to juggle a day job while trying to be a “responsible” adult.

About Brooke Van Sickle

My boyfriend (<–seen stage left) is supportive. He’s supportive of me earning an income that will allow me to support myself. So I’m on a time-crunch to work on my dreams, before he makes me get “serious” and find a job that pays the bills.

But, you know when you HAVE to do something? I’m talking¬†have to,¬†like CAN’T BREATHE if you don’t get to live the life you want.

THAT is why I started This is Adult Life!

This is my outlet to connect with all of you Dreamers (And prove to my boyfriend that I can “make it”).

Here we will we learn what it takes to create a side-hustle that will turn into a full-time income. I will also use my experiences and life to talk about the challenges that we millennials face trying to make it in this world. Check out the first article on how to act on signs from the Universe and start dreaming with me!

Author Brooke Van Sickle

From gaining patience, to beating the corporate norm, we’re going to cover it all!

If you’re a Dreamer that KNOWS you want more out of your life than the status quo, then THIS is the blog for you!

We DON’T need to wait until we’re old to love our lives!

I hope you find the articles helpful! If there’s ever anything you want to learn about, send me an email at booke.thisisadultlife@gmail.com. I love to connect with you!

Author Brooke Van SickleXOXO