Meet the Adult Behind the Blog

Adult Status Officially Reached!

I roll over to see what time it is and the LED screen blinks back 6:30 in the morning at me. I can’t believe we slept in this long on a Saturday (Actually, I can’t believe the dog let us sleep that long). My boyfriend and I make our way to the kitchen where we make a cup of coffee served black. While we’re sipping our bitter brew, we discuss the mortgage statement we received for our new house and talk about going furniture shopping later that afternoon.

That’s when it hits me. I’m an adult!

It has taken me nearly 30 years to begin considering my full-fledged adult status, but if you ask the oral surgeon, I have been well within the “middle-aged” bracket for a couple of years. Which is why I feel qualified to share the knowledge I have learned with all of you younger than myself (Even those of you who are like me or older!).

I remember turning 18 like it was 5 years ago, even though my 10-year reunion is waaaaay closer than its predecessor. At eighteen, I was so excited for what was to come. I thought I had learned everything I needed to be successful and I was prepared to take on the world in adulthood. Reality hit me somewhere between counting the quarters for my laundry and taking a bite of my EasyMac.

The real adults have been hiding facts from us! We aren’t prepared to enter the world. There’s so much they haven’t told us! So unlike those that came before me, I am here to help you accomplish the struggle that is adulting.

Join me on the adventure that is your future.

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