About Brooke

Hi I’m Brooke VS!

It’s taken me almost 27 years to start to finally find my direction in this “adult life” of mine (I say direction, because being at the exact spot I want to be is going to take A LOT longer. Fingers crossed it comes before 30!) At 18, you feel like the whole world is your oyster and you can’t wait to tackle everything life can throw at you.

Unfortunately, even sometimes fortunately, life throws unexpected things at you. Suddenly, you’re forced to make choices that can seriously alter the life you were expecting to be living. The timeline you set for yourself shifts and sometimes you start to doubt if you’ll ever be successful in life.

This is WHY I created THIS BLOG!

I have suffered through my quarter-life crisis, had to do things that hinder my future dreams, and make sacrifices in life that I didn’t really want to do. I realize that these things need to happen to mold us into the adults we’re going to be one day, but sometimes you need encouragement.

That is what I want you to get at This is Adult Life.

Encouragement to make your dreams a reality, tips and pointers when you need help with procrastinating and finding your direction in life, and a place to connect with other people that want to find success in life.

I WANT you to be successful and love this adult life of yours!

I also want you to experience the world and find enjoyment in life. That is why I have sprinkled in my lifestyle and travel advice for your benefit. Also because I LOVE to share any life hacks I learn, especially if it means you will be traveling more.

If you have any questions or thoughts, I would love to hear from you! Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page or feel free to email me at brooke.thisisadultlife@gmail.com.

I hope you find success and live the life you want. And I hope this blog helps you do that. Happy Adulting!

-Yours Brooke VS




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